Saturday, October 17, 2009

A little fun with scraps

Today's missions:  clean out the refrigerator and make a birthday gift.

Okay -- the refrigerator task never stood a chance, so let's just get rid of that right away.  Now, about that birthday gift....

I decided to make some coasters, with inspiration by Cathy/Cabbage Quilts.  A cute gift and a great scrap buster.

They didn't come out exactly how I pictured them in my head, but I'm pretty pleased with the results.  Even though I chain pieced them, I learned a lot as I went along.  I thought they would make a nice, fluffy stack, but they turned out kind of flat:

However, Kaffe's beautiful fabrics save the day:

I used a different backing on each one, and I guess you could say they are reversible:

These coasters were fun to make, and I will definitely do it again.  I have some ideas to perfect my technique a little.  If so, I'll post my results.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. I think these look great. you can never go wrong with Kaffe!

  2. I like your coasters, and I think flat is better, for a coaster.

  3. Those are adorable! When I make coasters, I can never get my corners quite square :)

  4. What a great idea! They look great

  5. How fun! They look great. I'd definitely call them reversible.

  6. great and smart of you not to bind them..i have a pile ready to ind...its a job and a half!

    my fridge doesn't get much of a look in to speak!

  7. They look great and certainly reversible.. For a coaster flat is better so things sit better on them..

  8. they look great and I love the way you quilted them.
    nice gift!

  9. These coasters look beautiful! I love the range of colors. What a fun gift! BTW, did you ever get back to that frige?

  10. Joan...I'm going to come to your house and steal your stash pile! LOL The coasters are so beautiful! Even if you think they're flat...I mean, what good is a round, ballish kind anyway? LOL I am going to visit Cathy and make some of my own for a send off to my STUD buddy! Thanks for the idea and now that the weekend is almost over, have a truly blessed week!

  11. Joan,

    Beeeeeeeeautiful!! I hope that no one spills anything on them. Would you believe that I have no Kaffe?! I will remedy that in the future!!!


  12. Oh Joan, these are gorgeous!!! I've been busy for a few days and haven't popped into blogland for a bit, so it was lovely to see your beautiful coasters....I love the fact you have made them reversible with different Kaffe's on each one. I'm going to have to make some more I think! xo

  13. Ooooo, those are cute! What a great gift!

    And yeah, cleaning out the fridge? That's never going to happen here either! LOL