Saturday, December 19, 2009

For Cathy (and all my lovely blogging friends)

I have been functioning on survival mode (for oh soooooo many reasons), but have started sorting through 1000's of unread blog postings and have been thinking about making a post or two myself; however, I just don't seem to have anything new to show.  Just a few ALMOST finished things. (Stay tuned for a my finished Wonky Log Cabin [aka Amy Butler Extravaganza] quilt.  It's back from the quilter's and just needs binding!). Then this morning I was reading Cathy's latest posts (Cabbage Quilts), and I just had to show her a few things.  You don't mind -- do you?

Cathy was my introduction to blogging.  I found her blog through pictures she had posted to the Kaffe Fassett Collective group on Facebook, and I wrote her an email asking how I could follow or subscribe to her blog.  She was still fairly new to blogging herself and wasn't sure how to help me, but I finally figured it out and Cabbage Quilts was my first blog subscription.  And it remains one of my favorites.  If you follow Cathy's blog, you know what I mean.

Anyway, Cathy and I share more in common than just quilting, so without any further ado, Christmas pictures for Cathy and everyone else:

I love all things blue and white.  Always have, and probably always will.  Cathy has recently shared some pictures of her blue and white pottery.  I have more china than pottery, but it's in just about every room of the house.  Right now most of looks like this (storage)... that I have room to put out this...

I guess I also have a thing for Spode (Blue Italian, Blue Room, Christmas Tree, Trapnell, Billingsley Rose...) -- it's all good!

And, I also love nativity scenes.  Cathy and I have this same one by Willow Tree on our pianos.  Here are a few others from around the world:

Cathy also posted a picture of a wonderful old spool she found.  I have some old spools, too, and usually use them as candle holders.  But I love the colorful ribbon that she keeps on hers.

I have some spools that are more similar to Cathy's with the large, flat ends, but they are at the beach cottage right now.

And, of course, we both share a love of arguably one of the most beautiful fabrics ever designed (by Kaffe or anyone else):  August Rose.

Thanks, Cathy, for introducing me to blogging, making such gorgeous, inspiring quilts, and giving me something to post about today.  I'm back!

With wishes, true and kind for a wonderful holiday season with family and friends -- Joan