Friday, September 7, 2012

Scattered Squares and Tiles

When Elizabeth started teaching two classes on Craftsy, I decided that I needed to check it out.  Craftsy has online classes for just about any craft you can think of, including quilting, and you can interact with your instructor and other students.  You can watch the class videos over and over and download detailed instructions.  I was so intrigued by Elizabeth's sample videos that I immediately signed up for both of her classes, Inspired Modern Quilts: 7 Small Projects with Big Style and Creative Quilt Backs.  Elizabeth does a fabulous job!  She is a gifted teacher and is a natural in front of the camera.  

I love to hear about other people's inspiration and and their design and construction processes, and Elizabeth's classes are full of interesting tips and insights.  So far I've made three quilt tops from 2 of her 7 projects.

My first project is Scattered Squares.
I love how it came out and decided to float it asymmetrically in more of the Kona Ash so I could make it a throw for the family room.

My second project is Low Volume Tiles.

 This one is really special to me.  It was so fun playing with all the gray prints and I've been wanting a blue and gray quilt.  Also, I was recovering from surgery, so my 21-year-old son drove me to two fabric stores and held bolts of fabric for me.  He even picked out one of the gray fabrics (blank crossword puzzle).  I'll never forget fabric shopping with my son or him pushing a shopping cart full of fabric around Fabric Depot for me!

My third project is Washi Tiles
  Elizabeth shares alternate ideas at the end of each class project, and this idea was one of the ones shown in the video.  A block of all solid gray fabrics plus one multicolored fabric.  I just fell in love with her block and had to see what an entire quilt of it would look like. I think the Washi Tape fabric was just perfect for this project.

So now I have even more quilt tops in my pile to be quilted.  Unfortunately, they will have to wait even longer since my finger will have to be splinted for a while.  I tripped going UP the stairs. I can do a little piecing, but not quilting.

My goal for September is NO trips to the hospital.

Next project from Inspired Modern Quilts: Modern Crosses.

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan