Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello again

I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post!  I knew teaching a graduate class at Portland State University, in addition to working full time, would be a ton of work and very time intensive, but --WOW!  Plus, there's a wedding to be planned! 

Somehow, a lack of time to sew has not translated into a lack of time to buy.  This is the result of feeling sorry for myself for working overtime while friends frolicked at Quilt Market.

When I last posted, I was determined to catch up on bee blocks by the end of that week.  Well, that didn't happen.  However, I spent the last couple of days making bee blocks in between other holiday weekend festivities, and I'm very pleased with the results.  

Bee blocks for Beth: She chose the pattern and the fabrics in the block on the left, I chose fabrics in the block on the right to coordinate with her choices.

Bee block for Dee: She chose the pattern and fabrics, which I enjoyed using.  Each member of the bee is using different blue and green fabrics sent by Dee.  You all know how I much I love blue and green!

Bee block for Lesly for her red and aqua snails trail quilt.

 Bee blocks for Ruth, who asked for 1/4 log cabin blocks in the fabrics she provided.

 Bee block for Frieda: She sent the fabrics and left the block design up to each participant, with a few stipulations.

Bee block for Claudia: She sent the fabrics and pattern for Ohio star blocks.  

 Bee block for Heidi: I finished this block before realizing that I should have made two blocks.  Although I didn't have any difficulty with this block, I immediately made a cutting error on the second, so now need more fabric before I can make its twin.

Blocks ready for mailing -- a beautiful sight!

I also turned my attention to my Bee Hexed In group, which started in October.  Brioni chose one of my favorite color palettes for her block.
Hexies in Waiting

A Canvas for Hexies
Bee Hexed In Block in Progress

This pile of fabrics will hopefully start turning into hexagons by this evening for Chris's Bee Hexed In block.  Her palette of grays, browns, and other neutrals is turning out to be absolutely fabulous.  You can see more Bee Hexed In blocks here.

Have you been keeping up with the Portland Modern Quilt Guild blog?  Next month will be my last month as secretary.  I haven't missed a meeting since our first one in Multnomah Village on March 18, and it is just amazing to look at how far this group has come in such a short time!  Please read about our November meeting, which featured Kristin Link of Sew, Mama, Sew! and the Green Grocery Bag Challenge and ended with a fabric destash and homemade craft item swap and sale.  

I'll leave you today with a few sneak peeks at our last PMQG meeting.

Seriously, this is just scratching the surface.  Go take a look.

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan