Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Like a cool summer breeze

Last winter I invested in some of Jennifer Paganelli's Queen Street fabrics at Sew, Mama, Sew and lovingly added them to my Sis Boom stash.  

I placed them all together right by the door of the office 
(which was my makeshift sewing studio at the time).
 I LOVE cool colors, so every time I walked by I eyed the blues and greens and purples.  Sigh.

But I had a wedding to work on.

Then the wedding came and went and summer rolled around.  

August was my month for the Twice Around the Block Virtual Quilting Bee on Flickr,
and I suddenly knew just which fabrics I wanted to use.  
 I chose primarily from the Queen Street line + a few other Sis Boom fabrics and others in my stash,
then threw in a few coordinating solids which were mostly leftovers from other projects.

 The TATB VQB has been a pretty relaxed group.
The blocks get done - eventually - which has been perfect for me and my very busy 2011. 

And so -- the blocks began to trickle in.

I just can't get enough of these gorgeous prints

and beautiful colors.
This lovely block on the top of the stack was made by Terri Harlan (Sew Fantastic).

And suddenly, summer doesn't seem that far off.

Thank you, Jennifer, for beautiful fabrics and quilty inspiration, 
and for featuring me on your blog earlier today!  

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. You are so inspiring Joan and a treat to highlight your talents..I so admire you! xo Jennifer

  2. Love your blocks Joan! Jennifer's fabrics are all so gorgeous, aren't they? I have to confess I have a big stash too, and a couple quilts made in a collection of her prints. Your quilt is going to be so gorgeous!

  3. so pretty! they have a refreshing look about them!

  4. Oh Joan...I usually don't have a problem with coveting...but, oh man! I love these!

  5. Your blocks are so beautiful (Terri's is really pretty...) and how fun to be spotlighted by Jennifer too! How is the new sewing room coming along?

  6. Ooo beautiful, love the blues!

  7. Oh man - those blocks make my tummy tickle! I love me some Sis Boom fabric. Just pieced a quilt from the blocks my bee ladies made featuring Jennifer's fabrics. Can't wait to see this quilt finished!

  8. Well, you know I am drooling! Congratulations on the shout out on Jennifer's blog. That is going to be one breath taking quilt.

  9. Joan: So glad you're back blogging! I've missed you!