Monday, June 7, 2010

We have a winner -- and I can't believe it!!!

When I think of other Sis Boom fanatics, one name immediately comes to mind -- KT
Yes, KT, you REALLY are the winner of the Sis Boom charm squares and the Charm Bracelet pattern from 

Sis Boom Charm Squares

Would someone please revive, KT?  She needs to get up off the floor so she can send me her address.

The next giveaway starts tomorrow -- another set of charm squares (what will they be?) and another chance to win a Charm Bracelet (or other) pattern from Kate Conklin.  On with the fun! 

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan 


  1. Congratulations to KT. Maybe my turn will come up next. Fingers crossed...

  2. Yay for KT! Congrats on winning these charms!

  3. SEW much fun!!! : ) Woot KT!

  4. Congratulations KT! Thanks Joan for letting me be a part of your giveaway. And thanks for all the sweet comments about my patterns:) Can't wait to see what fabrics are on offer next!

  5. Congrats to KT, that was a great giveaway. Thanks for letting us all join in.

  6. sounds like they've gone to the best home!

  7. I found out last night when I checked my email, while hand sewing. I was between hexes, and rethreading. The needle was in my mouth, and I nearly swallowed it!!! Love both the fabric, and the pattern. I don't think that I will enter any more of your giveaways Joan, I already have the Grand Prize!!!

    Thanks so much!