Friday, January 28, 2011

My physical therapist is trying to kill me...

...and thank goodness!  
In just a few short weeks my shoulder (that has been problematic for over three years) is almost pain free, and I almost have full range of motion once again.  So........... we have somehow gone from shoulder rehab to working toward "Michelle Obama arms". 
 That's right, my physical therapist is somehow becoming my personal trainer, but again -- thank goodness!  After babying my shoulder for the last few years, it feels good to be doing some upper body work again.  But Lee has no idea how close I came to throwing up on his floor today after a long and grueling session on some sort of bicycle-for-your-arms thingy.  Intense!

So, tonight I am feeling strong and capable of anything (we'll see how I feel in the morning)!  I am also feeling proud of myself for putting together a great little outfit for a fancy dinner dance I'm going to tomorrow night.  All in 1.5 hours on the way home from work.  What do you think?
 Dress and necklace 30% off at Ann Taylor Loft.

But since it's January, and I don't (yet) have Michelle Obama arms, I added this shrug from White House Black Market.

And these shoes (also from WHBM) which are just a little too big for Samantha.  She does love a great slingback, though.

I was especially motivated to get my shopping done in a hurry so that I can attend Cherri's (Sew On) studio open house tomorrow.  Her husband recently bought her a long arm and she rented what looks to be a fabulous space near her home.   I'd so much rather go see Cherri's new studio and hang out with quilty friends than spend my Saturday afternoon shopping.

Here is Cherri's version of Elizabeth's Tokyo Subway Station, which was quilted by Nancy Stovall.  And now that she has her very own long arm, I can't wait to see her work!  Be sure and check out Cherri's brand new blog (link above).

Maybe I'll even have time in the morning to finish up some bee blocks like these works-in-progress:

And, yes, the wedding plans are well underway, thank you for asking.  I'll probably start posting more details soon.  Less than four months and counting!

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan

This just in My fabulously sassy (and wacky) friend, Heather, is giving away some of Sarah Fielke's new fabrics--generously donated by the Fat Quarter Shop--on her blog!  Hurry on over for your chance to win!

 And now for a tiny secret -- just between us.  I already have a little of Sarah's fabric, plus this adorable bird, made by Sarah from her fabric! See how cute!?!?!
Shhhhh!  Don't tell Heather!


  1. yep... you're gonna turn heads at your dinner... miss hot totty!! ;)


  2. Thanks for the mention and pic, Joan! What an honor to be in your blog! All set for tomorrow! See you around two.

  3. WHAT!! where did you get THAT!!! i'm not sure we can be friends any longer... this may be the beginning of the first SHY - seperation!... ;P

  4. I think I need your physical therapist!! Love the dress and I think the cat is also a very nice accessory. I am sure you will turn heads!! Love the projects. I want to see you your newest project!

  5. Great outfit! Love the shoes! Glad to hear your shoulder is benefiting from the therapy in addition to giving you gorgeous arms! Love the hexies as always...great fabric too! Looking forward to hearing about the wedding plans.

  6. Wow what an amazing outfit. You WILL post a pic of you in the outfit right? and what cute fabric. Nothing better than stripes and dots, and great colors.

  7. Have fun, Joan. And best of luck with your shoulder. I think I need to follow your example. Quilting is no fun when your body is protesting...

  8. So glad to hear your shoulder is better after all that time! Do we get to see you all dolled up? Gorgeous outfit by the way. So lovely to see what you are up to. xo

  9. Good for you for pushing through physical therapy. It can be tough, but worth it. That outfit looks gorgeous - bet you were a knockout!

    Happy to see you have been sewing and playing with fabric again!