Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Stash: when it rains, it pours

It's July 17, and it's pouring rain.  
Don't tell anyone else in Portlandia, but I'm enjoying it.  
I love opening the windows and listening to the sound of the rain.
It also felt very refreshing when I went for a run this morning.
Don't get me wrong, I'll be thrilled when the sun comes back.
But for now, I'm quite content.
It probably doesn't hurt that I've been sorting through gorgeous fabrics, bringing a lot of color into this rather gray day.  
Just look!

 Happy Mochi Yum Yum
designed by Monica Solorio Snow (Happy Zombie) for Lecien

I actually got to try mochi for the first time at a recent sewing night, and it is yummy!

My pretty little bundle of Happy Mochi Yum Yum FQs is tied with a strip of another amazing fabric line that is probably on its way to fabric shops even as I type this:

Peacock Lane 
by Violet Craft for Michael Miller

And look at the adorable cuffed pajama pants that Violet made for me!

I can't close without a quick book recommendation:

by Alissa Haight Carlton & Kristen Lejnieks, with 12 improvisational blocks/quilts by the authors and 
10 other incredible quilters/designers, including Jacquie Gering, Rashida Coleman-Hale, and Elizabeth Hartman.  It's a beautiful book, full of tips and techniques, and absolutely loaded with inspiration.

I think I'll grab my copy right now, brew a cup of tea, and listen to the rain.

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. Gorgeous fabrics...can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. I love HMYY in your hands and I love your pics. And I love that you tied your bundle in Violet's fabric. I'll be hoping for some pitter patter of little happy peacock yum yums running around!

    I love our Yam Camp, and can't wait to do that again. I vote we try for next month for a redo!

  3. I love your pretty stacks of fabrics! I'm sure they would brighten any day!

  4. Wow, that stack of mochi fabrics is really gorgeous! I can see why you're so happy on a rainy day, surrounded by ALL these gorgeous fabrics. Any ideas yet what you're gonna make, or are you just enjoying daydreaming over them?

  5. oh I Just love that bundle of mochi fabrics so pretty and just fun!
    can't wait to see the quilt you make with the fabrics...
    have fun!
    I love the sound of rain too...

  6. I love all the fabric, especially the mochi yum yum, it has great texture. The rain signals a bit of sewing time for me so I love it too.

  7. I am SO envying your rain. Fresno--sunny every day. It gets boring after a while!! I agree with your book recommendation. It's a great book. And I'm so totally jealous of your sewing nights up there in Portland. Wow, did this comment sound like I'm consumed with jealousy right now? Um, yeah. I need to make a trip up there...

  8. It has been raining-no-POURING here too! I actually made my first quilt last night during the downpour, so I think the rain is actually helping with creativity! Love your new fabrics; Can't wait to see what they turn into.

  9. These are soft colours and perfect way to make attractive fabric work. My grandmother gifted this type of bag cover 's to my sister on her birthday.

  10. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Yours, Ulla