Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A parade & a new sewing machine

I had the week of the 20th off in February and planned to set aside several days to sew and sew and sew.  I had big plans for finishing WIPs and just playing with fabric, but my sewing machine broke bright and early my first morning of sewing!  I rushed it in for repairs only to be told that it would take two weeks --

I really thought I was just going to sit down in the shop and have a good cry, but managed to hold it in while a salesman tried to sell me a new machine that was way overpriced and not at all what I wanted.  He valiantly tried to sell me an expensive extended warranty package, too, all the while insisting that his prices were the lowest, despite the fact that I could prove otherwise.  

I had already been planning to get a new machine in the not to distant future
but was waiting for a great deal.

 When I couldn't take the sale's pitch any longer, I went out and sat in the parking lot feeling really frustrated and posted a message to my sewing circle asking if I could borrow a machine from anyone.  Almost immediately I received a message back from Elizabeth Hartman offering to let me borrow one of hers for the entire two weeks until I got my Pfaff back!  And suddenly I was back in business!

I have to say it was wonderful to sew on a more modern machine, and I quickly fell in love with a couple of features on Elizabeth's Baby Lock:
The knee lift and the automatic thread cutter.  Using Elizabeth's machine and having a better idea of what I wanted, I started researching sewing machines online all over again.  
A little consult and encouragement from another sewing circle friend, Jen, and....

Meet my new Juki:

It does one thing and it does it very, very well -- perfect straight stitches at up to 1500 spm.
And look at all that extra room for quilting!

 Knee Lift:

Automatic Thread Cutter -- 
push a button on the machine or just rock back on the foot pedal!

 And this kitty-tempting thread holder.  
 Between this and my Juki serger, Sammy can get herself in all kinds of trouble without even trying.

Quarter inch seam perfection!

 I just love sewing with my new machine!  And it made finishing up this quilt top a breeze!
 Parade on Peacock Lane

The fabric was designed by my sweet friend, Violet Craft, for Michael Miller Fabrics.

 The pattern, Lizzy's Parade, was designed by Cherri House.  It was published in the Winter 2009 issue of Easy Quilts, and I had been saving it to showcase just the right fabric line.  I hope it did yours justice, Violet!  I can't wait to get it quilted!

Oh - and my old Pfaff (which originally belonged to my mother) is back from the shop and ready to be passed on to an excited new owner -- Molly!  

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. Congrats on your Juki! I've fabulous things about this machine.

  2. Congratulations on your new addition, Joan! I love your granny squares and the Parade quilt - you are going like gangbusters!

  3. OHHHHH! the Juki is my dream! Lucky girl!

  4. How wonderful to have the Juki, I have heard how wonderfully they sew. Love, love the quilt too.

  5. Lovely stitching on your new best friend...enjoy!

  6. Congrats on your new machine. I hope you got a great deal. The quilt looks perfect in that line of fabrics. Have fun quilting it on the Juki, whatever her name is. Lucky Molly to get your mother's machine.

  7. Oh, it's beautiful! I know you'll have much fun with that Juki.

  8. Congratulations on the new family member...she is a remarkable machine and produces such beautiful things for her "mama"!



  9. I also have a juki and would love to know what foot you are using to get the 1/4 inch seam. Thanks

  10. Yay! I love a new sewing machine, when I got mine, I sewed like crazy :) Your quilt top is beautiful, and I like your granny squares.

  11. Wow...such a timely post for what I'm going through right now. I had 3 full days of uninterrupted sewing scheduled and what do you know, my beloved machine of 15 years died on me this morning. I took it to the shop only to be told later this afternoon that it's going to cost upwards of $500 to repair. I'm sooooooo sad! My Mom is letting me borrow hers in the interim; while I check out what machine I'm going to buy.

  12. Well, I have been waiting to finish a king size quilt for my bed. Never in a million years would it fit under my machine. I looked in to having it quilted, but the price was almost what a new Juki costs. I am saving my pennies. Hopefully I can get that quilt finished for next winter! Glad to hear another recommendation. Thanks Joan!

  13. The Juki has been on my radar for a little while now - I used my friend's several months ago and I really liked it. I didn't know that it had a 1/4" foot - I am assuming that is what explains your 1/4" perfection?

  14. I have a Juki that I use for quilting on a frame. It is a great machine!! It looks like you have a great project going there, Joan.

  15. I JUST bought this machine... as in like 20 minutes ago online! My Singer is misbehaving so I only have 3 days until I have my Juki. I'm so excited to hear that you love it!

    Jennifer :)

  16. Joan, congratulations on your new machine! I got that same machine for Christmas and absolutely love it. You've already broken it in well, I can see! Great quilt projects. So glad Molly is giving your other machine a nice home.

  17. Hi Joan, your story sounds exactly like mine before Christmas - my old machine died in the middle of my Christmas sewing! Got a lovely new Janome Horizon, which I love.
    The only thing is the 1/4 inch foot doesn't sew a scant 1/4 inch, my blocks were out, so I've stopped using it.
    Has anyone else found this with 1/4 inch feet?

  18. I don't have the Juki, but do have the Brother 1500 which is a very close cousin to the Juki. My friend has the Juki and we can't see any difference. It's made so well and sews straight stitches and FM like a dream. Congratulations on a good pick...:)

  19. Nothing like a Juki! I love mine!

  20. I have the model before yours and I love it, but I'm not sure which foot you're referring to for 1/4 inch seams. And did you get the extension table with your machine?

  21. I have the same machine & I bought it a couple of months ago & I love it!!

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