Saturday, February 27, 2010

The accidental quilter

I went on a little outing midday to get something to wear to an event this evening and made an extra stop to pick up some Amy Butler Sun Spots in olive for a binding.

While there, I saw and picked up some Wild Thyme in green and blue, just because I really like the print and wanted some for my stash.

Then, after I had just this morning decided to wait until next month to purchase any Nicey Jane (which I adore), I saw this and just had to have it.

A funny little fountain of Nicey Janes in blues and greens.  They didn't have any of the ones with pink and red in them, and these fabrics originally seemed a bit lost to me without them, but I thought this would make a nice start.  The FQ roll didn't come with all of the FQs of Nicey Jane that they had on hand so, of course, I had to buy a couple more.

There are actually two non-Nicey Jane fabrics in the roll.

I really like this green leaf fabric a lot and had been looking at it earlier in a pink colorway.

This small scale heart-shaped leaves on vines fabric is not something I think I ordinarily would have chosen, but it is starting to grow on me.

When I got to the cutting table, the clerk and I both noticed how beautiful all the soft blue and green fabrics went together, and she excitedly asked about what special project I was working on.  She was visibly disappointed to learn that they were just random purchases, not chosen to go together.  Then she brightened and said that I had probably just chosen my favorite colors, so naturally they looked great together!  I admitted that while I liked these colors, I couldn't really claim that they were my favorites.  After that she gave up trying to make conversation with her weird and confusing customer.  It's interesting to be such a disappointment to someone you don't even know.  Damn, I'm good!

As I scroll back up over the pictures I've just posted, these colors just seem to get prettier and prettier.  They  have a very calming effect on me.  I just might have to see what else I have in my stash and do something in these colors after all.

The funny thing is, I am about to start a quilt in blues and greens -- just different blues and greens.  Hmmmm.  Maybe I should get my blue and green stacks together and see what happens.

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan

Coming soon -- My adventures in a hands-on Julia Child cooking class.  Failure or success, I promise to tell all.


  1. Spring! Clean and fresh.
    Where'd you shop?

  2. Well, you know what, I love you anyway! LOL And always will! You have always been an inspiration to me and I love the new fabrics you've taken home and adopted!

    As always, waiting to see what genius issues forth from your creative hands! (can you tell I've reading Austen?)

  3. YOu had a fun shopping trip and I smiled as I read your post. :) Love the fabric and have loads of yummy fun at that cooking class. I'll be thinking of you as I read Julia's book.

  4. If she were a quilter she would have understood you perfectly! We all speak the same language.
    Love the fabric and can't wait to see what you do with it.

  5. I LOVE these colors together! Normally I'm not so much into light blues and greens and whites, but these just make me very happy. I look forward to seeing what these fabrics turn into!

  6. Joan, The first thing that I thought when looking at the colors that you chose, was spring! The green of the leaves and grass and the blues and whites of the sky. I guess I have too much of winter, but the fabrics are just beautiful! Can't wait to hear about your cooking class!

  7. Hmmm, can't wait to see what you 'cook up' with those new fabrics! : ) And, to hear about what you cooked up in your class...?! Mmmmm!?

  8. Your choices are beautiful and they all work well together~I love the little heart vine print. You must have been feeling coastal with all of those soothing prints.

  9. Be still my beating heart! You are THAT talented!!!

  10. beautiful says spring tome and I am so ready for spring this year!!!!

  11. I love the fabrics!
    You got me intrigued about your cooking class :)

  12. I have not seen the Nicey Jane fabrics in the blue-green colorway yet, and I love them. Love all the fabrics you picked up on this outing - looks like the start to a fabulous quilt project.

  13. can't wait to hear about your Julia Child cooking class! I will be a the beach this weekend with my mom.... scheduling my party!!

  14. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up with these fabrics! This is my favourite colour combo!!

  15. those are beautiful colors together, and whatever you decide to do with them, I am sure will turn out beautiful. I tend to get the same response when I buy fabric....doesn't everyone random shop?!!

  16. I did some accidental fabric shopping myself this weekend. Didn't plan on buying anything. In fact, I'm supposed to be on a no fabric buying moratorium (hmmm, was that redundant? oh, well..) Anyway, the purchase just kind of "happened" before I even realized it.

    The blues and greens are beautiful together.