Saturday, October 16, 2010

NW Quilting Expo 2010 Part Four A: Studio Art Quilt Associates

In this continuing series of posts on the NW Quilting Expo, I am excited to present the work of Studio Art Quilt Associates to you.

SAQA is an international non-profit organization that was founded in 1989 to serve artists working in the art quilt medium, as well as teachers, collectors, gallery owners, museum curators, and corporate sponsors recognizing the importance of the art quilt.  Jean Wells is a member, and her work was previously posted here.  The theme was Oregon: State of Diversity, and I think these artists captured the sights and feelings of Oregon very well.

 Robosaurus Rules the Airshow
by Suzy Bates, Beaverton, Oregon.

 I immediately texted a picture of this quilt to my husband.  Robosaurus was at the Oregon International Airshow in 2009, the second year my husband was Board Chair.  He loves this quilt!

by Catherine Beard, Springfield, Oregon.
Juror's Choice

By Linda Christiansen, Eugene, Oregon.

by Bonnie Buckham, Vancouver, Washington.

Bike Oregon
by Shirley MacGregor, Portland, Oregon.

 Ghost Trees, Whispering
Laura Jaszkowski, Eugene, Oregon.

Columbia Gorge View
by Christiana Brown, Portland, Oregon

Ethnic Diversity
by Vera Rogers, Day's Creek, Oregon

  Earth Forms: Prairie Grass
Quinn Zander Corum, Portland, Oregon

Painted Hills (John Day Fossil Beds National Monument)
by Deanna Robinson, Eugene, Oregon

 High Desert Aspens
by Gerrie Congdon, Portland, Oregon

Everyday Barns and Family Farms
by Karen Hanken, Medford, Oregon

My Oregon
by Catherine Beard, Springfield, Oregon

 Winter of Our Discontent
by Kim Lakin, Portland, Oregon

 December Sunset
by Shirley Jo Rimkus-Falconer, Independence, Oregon

 Celebrating the Sunset
by Sara Shayne Miller, McMinnville, Oregon

I actually have more wonderful images from the show to share with you, but I've been having trouble adding images on blogger all of a sudden.  Between transitioning to an iMac at home and a Dell laptop with Windows 7, I've been slowly learning to do some things differently.  I hope you enjoyed these wonderful quilts from the SAQA, and I hope to be back soon with more.

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. Joan, I am a regular viewer of your blog, but do not comment often. I do enjoy your blog. I also wanted to thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts! The quilting on them is awesome and inspiring. Thanks again. Diane

  2. Wow what lovely quilts, I don't know which one that I love the best.

  3. Stunning quilts ~ to see them up close would have been amazing. High Desert Apens & Everyday Barns & Family Farms certainly stood out for me. Thanks for sharing. from Jenny McH

  4. So amazing! I'm fond of the birch trees in a few of them, but they are all so wonderful!

  5. wow, I would have been breathless upon seeing these amazing quilts! What a great experience to be able to see these in person. I especially love the ghost trees and the high desert aspens. Great reminder to take a closer look around us for inspiration!

  6. Thank you for showing these amazing quilts. I would love to see some more.

  7. hey Joan, thank you for the virtual quilt show of so many cool, unusual and dynamic quilts!

  8. I browsed the text but checked out all the quilts. There's a few I just love. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are well.

  9. I really like Tension by Catherine Beard. Reminds me of Central Oregon!

  10. What stunning, beautiful quilts !!