Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas miscellany

Christmas Eve day found me busy with last minute preparation and full of anticipation.

The mail brought me a Pay It Forward package from Sarah Fielke.
 A lovely Christmas Eve surprise!  Thank you, Sarah!

We had a delicious Christmas Eve family dinner at my sister's loft, and
 then attended the 11:00 Christmas Eve service of our church (Solid Rock), which was held in downtown Portland at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.  It was a fabulous way to celebrate and begin Christmas Day with family and friends!

Molly's fiance, Peter, spent the night, so it was a joy to wake up after a few hours of sleep to have him open presents with us.  And then the extended family arrived to spend the day, from brunch till dinner, with a few margaritas in between.  What a day!

(Table runner made years ago by my MIL)

The "kids": future SIL Peter, daughter Molly, niece Lauren, nephew Mark, son Michael.

Did I mention that it turns out my that husband is a pretty good liar.  And the kids are in cahoots with him!

(1) He went shopping with Molly at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday (I know!) and came home with a Cusinart Food Processor for her.  I said that I wished I had known, because mine is so worn out after years of heavy use, that you have to hold the pieces together and push down on the whole thing just right to get it to work.  Of course, he said that they only had a limited number, the sale price was only for a limited time, etc.  I didn't think anything more about it, until I opened the package Christmas morning.  The tag read, "Merry Christmas -- I lied!"

(2)  He started emailing me earlier in the month about Juki sergers -- were they good, would I want one, etc.  Then when I asked him about it, he told me that he had a chance to get one for an incredible deal, but that he had not had the time to respond during his work day and lost the deal to someone else.  It was donated to a radio station fund raiser by a local sew and vac store with lifetime sewing lessons.  It was an amazing deal, so it made sense to me that someone else got it before Steve.  So, I was really surprised to get this (from Michael, Molly, and Peter).

 So, apparently, I live with a bunch of liars.  Thank goodness!

Just between us, I'm thrilled with, but more than a little intimidated by this beautiful machine.  I can't wait for my first lesson!  

Do you own a serger?  Have you ever used one?  What projects have you used it for?

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. I bought a serger in October as an early Christmas present from my husband & I absolutely love it! I sew a lot of kids clothing & with all the beautiful Patty Young & Oliver & S knits that have come out recently I have sewed a ton of them & they come out beautiful on the serger-far easier than the sewing machine. Be sure to learn how to do the rolled hem & even lettuce edge for knits. I have also used it for sewing clothes out of regular quilting fabric & it's so nice to not have to finish the seams off & the rolled hem on ruffles is great, too!
    From what I see in your photo, mine looks identical-it's a Bernina, but apparently they are made by Juki. The dealer where I bought mine gave a 20% discount for the first month after purchase & I used it to buy a lot of thread-you need a bunch, though you can use regular spools as well. If you see yourself doing rolled hems, I highly recommend some wooley nylon in the upper looper-it really fills it out nicely.
    Sorry I was so wordy, but I hope you love it as much as I do!

  2. I have the square crystal vase/candle holder that you do. It's one of my favorites!

    I have a babylock serger, and I love my serger. Great for cloth napkins with wooly nylon in the looper. Also great for clothing (dare I say babies clothes are great in knit--for someday a long time away when you're a grandma?), pillowcases, house items like shower curtain or that kind of sewing project. Hopefully, you will get lots of great ideas from your classes.

  3. Wow didn't you do well this Christmas and a lovely parcel from Sarah Fielke. I do have a serger and use it often. It's quite old and probably quite basic but I wouldn't be without it.

  4. Ah, they are not liars, just Santa's helpers gone bad! LOL

    Looks like your house was decorated beautifully and that all had a festive, and fun filled time with family! What a blessing!

    Happy New Year Joan!

  5. Oh how exciting for you!! I don't have a serger but I'm excited to see how you will use yours. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas...

    Jennifer :)

  6. Oh man, Joan, you will become a serging maniac! I just got one (an early Christmas present) and l-o-v-e it! Have a blast!

  7. What a wonderful holiday! Look at all those piles of presents, wrapped in coordinated paper. Lucky you to receive a serger, especially a Juki! I've always wanted to try a serger. Have fun with your new toy!

  8. You have been very lucky this Christmas, how wonderful. I see you had your special china on display too. I have had a serger for years and took clases but only use it sporadically. I call it the beast.

  9. Glad you had such a fantastic Christmas! I do not own a serger...but am eager to hear how you like your new one! What a lovely family...and I would love to be Sarah's friend and get any sort of surprise from are a lucky girl, indeed. Have a wonderful New Year!!!