Sunday, April 10, 2011

Savoring moments; enjoying the process

Hello, Friends!  It has been so long since I have shared with you, and yet time is going by so quickly right now!  And it goes by faster and faster every day!  

My daughter is getting married!  I know you know that, but -- WOW -- my baby girl is getting married! She has always been such a joy and inspiration to me, and now she is marrying the perfect man.  I am overwhelmed with peace and by God's blessings!  

 Peter and Molly

I am trying to grab hold of every single moment and savor it!

Last night I hosted a special bridesmaids' dinner to honor Molly and her bridesmaids and so many other fabulous friends and family members who have been and continue to be so helpful (e.g., throwing showers, making crafts, hosting an address labeling party, etc.).   What a joy to experience so much love and support and to be able to celebrate with those you love.

You may remember my little gathered clutch obsession from last summer.  
Well, I can now make them in my sleep and hope you enjoy sharing a little in the process.

Soul Blossoms fabrics by Amy Butler.

Cutting and strip piecing fabrics (Soul Blossoms and Essex linen cotton blend in natural).

 Prepared patchwork strips for front exteriors.

Gathering the Essex linen cotton blend (natural) for the front exteriors.

Press - sew - press.

It's all about the assembly line...

...carefully saving strips, for which Molly will find 101 uses...

...and sewing and sewing and sewing.
The gathered clutches are a modification of a tutorial by Anna at Noodlehead.

Molly "helped" me with the invitations by pretty much conceiving the idea and making them for me while I sewed clutches.  In less than an hour she went from idea to invitations ready to be mailed!

The gathered clutches were stuffed with a few goodies (hand sanitizer, lip gloss, chocolates, tissues, an emery board, and a few mints).

 My crafty Miss Molly also made these cute place cards (one of many uses of the leftover fabric strips).

Looks good!  It must be time to pack up and go!


The Venetian Theatre and Bistro, Hillsboro, Oregon

Step this way...

 Molly's beautiful tablescape
I mostly just watched and handed her things as needed.

 Another use for leftover fabric strips: Molly tied a strip on each mason jar of white tulips.

 Beautiful friends and family.

 Lots of laughter!

The end of a perfect evening!

In other big news, guess who started a crafty blog!?!?  Molly!
You can follow the wedding plans, events, and creativity here.  And I plan on making a quilter out of that girl yet!  You watch. You wait.  You'll see.

With wishes true and kind -- Joan


  1. What a delight! Congratulations to the lovely couple. You made some gorgeous clutches and I'm sure they all loved them.

  2. Auguri, auguri, tanti, tantissimi auguri.
    Sono una copia bellissima!!!!

  3. Yay!! There are few things I love more than being blogged about! Thanks mama! You made my evening :) I love you SO much!!

  4. congrats, those bags you made are adorable, love the little strips tied to the vases we do that as well!
    my DD has a white lamp in her room and she is always wanting a new strip to her favorite color of the week to tie a bow around it!
    What a special time in your family right now...thanks for sharing it with us

  5. Your daughter is just stunning, Joan, and she looks so happy! What a wonderful time for you and your family! And your clutches are just perfect - what a clever idea! I'm storing that one away for the future (my daughter is only 17 but time flies, you know)!

  6. What a lovely post...I was wondering how the wedding prep was going! Great clutches you busy girl...great idea! So happy for you & your family...what a lovely time!

  7. lovely
    thank you!

  8. What a beautiful party! Such wonderful party favors to give to close friends at family. You sound as glowing as Molly looks in the pictures. So happy for your family!

  9. How magical, Joan!!! Love and squeezes to the happy couple! The Soul Blossoms clutches and colors are just right! ; )

  10. Fantastic all around! The very best to the lovely couple and your whole family!

  11. it all looks perfectly wonderful. I am so happy for your family, this is such a precious moment in time to be experiencing.

  12. Absolutely stunning pics of the happy couple here Joan. You guys are so creative, those clutches are divine. What a great day. xo

  13. They look a very happy couple, and your daughter has the most amazing beautiful eyes. Best wishes with the wedding plans. from Jenny McH