Friday, February 25, 2011

Create! Days 24 & 25

A week ago Friday, my husband said he was looking forward to the three day weekend.  I just smiled and said that I was looking forward to my nine day weekend.  Yes, I've had the whole week off and tried to squeeze in as much sewing as possible. In fact, the more days off, the more time I've spent creating (at the expense of other things).  And my husband is such an enabler!  For example, early in the week I served him a lovely, home-cooked meal by candlelight.  Last night we had take out, bless his heart!  I promise when I post this I'll go do a little laundry, a little housework, and actually get that roast in the oven that I had planned on serving last night. 

We woke up to snow yesterday morning.
These first two photos were taken from my front door.

These last two photos were taken from the door leading to the back deck.

 I've always loved shots of quilts in the snow, but either we don't have any snow, I don't have a new quilt to photograph, or I just plain forget to take advantage of the photo op.  So -- I grabbed the quilt block I had finished on Tuesday, ran outside, and re-photographed it in the snow. 
 This block is a variation of a pillow made by Tacha in Issue 1 of Fat Quarterly.

 In between sewing, I can't help but fold more fabric (a la Jeni).

 Jeni even added me to her blog post showing neatly folded fabrics from reader's stashes.

 Here are a few peeks at another little project I've been working on today.

And I started making hexies for Megan's (Lucy and Norman) Bee Hexed In block.
Megan asked for jewel tones, and I couldn't resist taking a picture of these jewels in the snow.  I've been waiting all day for the sun to hit the back deck so I could take the shot, and I think it's been worth the wait.

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. Amazing snow! Love your hexies too.

  2. Love all your photos: the snow and the chain piecing and the colorful hexagons and the piles of beautiful fabric. I love how you make your photos so big in the posts too. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. gorgeous photos! Can't wait to see what you have planned for the HSTs

  4. Lovely snow pictures but it does look cold. Gorgeous piles of fabric you have there all neatly folded.

  5. Beautiful shots of the snow....and gorgeous fabric stash. Glad such low temps are gone though. Yael in the beautiful PNW

  6. HOLY COW! look at that snow! you know how close I live to you and we didn't have snow like that at all... way way less snow... lucky you!