Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Create! Day 8

I've been working on a bee block to finish out one of my 2010 bees, but I think tomorrow night I will start all over from scratch.  I'm just not feeling it!  So besides spinning my wheels on that, I did some thinking about fabrics for the CHQ quilt-along and the Single Girl QAL.  I am trying to pull fabrics that I already own, but I have such odd sizes of Kona Cotton solids, I just can't get the right amounts of any grouping I think I want to make.  So -- I'll keep thinking about that....

For the Single Girl quilt, I think I will make use of my stash of Amy Butler fabrics.  

These two photos show the same stacks -- just from different angles, so don't think I have more than I do (although I do have plenty).  I'm more of a fan than a hoarder, as you can see, because I definitely use my beautiful Amy Butler fabrics.

Yes, I think a scrappy Amy Butler quilt will do nicely.  
Now -- I just have about 33 templates to cut....

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. amy butler's fabrics are so fun to use. the colors and patterns are just great.

    looking forward to seeing how your SG quilt comes out!

  2. that single girl quilt project looks daunting so I give you tons of credit for tackling it. Yours is going to be beautiful with all those gorgeous fabrics you picked!

  3. Ok Joan. Without meaning to, you've convinced me to join the Single Girl Quilt Along. I was on the fence about joining but seeing all your gorgeous fabrics got me all excited. This will be my first quilt along so I'm curious to see what that is all about. I've just finished the color wheel quilt from Joelle Hoverson's book and that used a template so now at least I know I can use a template successfully. Granted that was just 1 template and not 30something of them but at least I feel a little more at ease knowing I can cut and use a template.

  4. I have all my templates to cut out as well. This weekend. I LOVE your new header, BTW! And you definitely love AB fabric. I'm with you--it's pretty amazing. I thought I had decided on Katie Jump Rope and Flea Market Fancy combined for Single Girl, but now I'm kinda rethinking the whole thing. I so LOVE Amy's first fabric lines...so now I'm just confused...

  5. hello I very much like your eye for colour so I'm gonna follow you!!!

  6. I love the fourth picture down, reminds me of when I used to quilt when I was a little girl.