Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Create! Days 9 - 23

Oops!  I really meant to keep up with the blogging end of this month of daily creating....  And now the month is almost over!  At times I've found it really hard to sneak in even 15 minutes of sewing (and often feel that I should have made it 15 minutes of housework a day).  Other days, just getting started has led to hours of stitching.  Sometimes I've just worked on "creating" a more organized, functional, and attractive sewing space, and sometimes I've worked on a couple of special projects that I'm not able to share just now.  And then there's the wedding planning....
The wedding colors are gray and yellow and white, and I'm still collecting fabrics.  A few of these yellows actually read as fairly orange in this photo.  
I've been gathering pictures of sewing studio inspiration on Pinterest and am carefully considering creative  and functional ways of storing fabric.  Of course, this often starts with folding fabric properly.  Yesterday I came across this post by Jeni, with videos of fabric folding, which inspired me to give it a try.

So these piles

became these stacks.
I love it because all of the different sized cuts of fabric are folded into the same size/shape.  
This is the best folding I've even done, if I do say so myself.  
How do you fold/store your fabric?

Tonight I put the finishing stitches on this Bee Hexed In block for Brooke (april two eighty).
Hope you like it, Brooke!

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. Lots of inspiration at your place...hope the wedding planning is going well!

  2. Lovely palette - it's going to be gorgeous!! Love the block to!

  3. I suppose it all balances out, chores and play time although play usually wins with me. What a gorgeous grouping of fabric, I love the colour scheme. Your fabric looks very neat, I don't have a system, just try to make it all the same sort of size. The hexes look fabulous, I'm off for a look at the link.

  4. Love your hexie block! :) Those colours look great together.

    How far away is the wedding? We have one in about 7 is getting a bit hectic!!!

  5. Sometimes it's hard for me to make the time to organize my sewing area, but I need to do it more often, because it really does make a difference and is worth the time. I love how neat your folded fabrics look. I'm not patient enough to do that...maybe one day. Good luck with the wedding plans...very exciting! I'm amazed at how creative you are with your hexies...another fabulous block!

  6. oh, just wow on everything! the colors, the patterns and ideas! yummylicious!

    yellow and white and well together!

  7. Your grey, yellow and white stash is just stunning. I'm be eager to see what you make with it. Sure to be gorgeous.

  8. I like your block. I want that corner fabric with the writing on it. I do not think I have seen that one before. You are an inspiration with the fabric folding. I did really well with my fabric when it all fit in one closet. Now I am stuck. Thanks for the inspiration. Having a clean and organized room is such a great thing.

  9. Gorgeous hexagon block and your fabric piles look properly tended! That's a chore, right?! :-)

  10. Have you seen Jeanne Morrison's upcoming line Silent Cinema? It's got lots of grey and yellow and it's beautiful!! Scheduled to ship to shops in April.