Saturday, September 12, 2009

I caved...

After mentioning to several people that I wasn’t going to start my wonky log cabin blocks until John had posted the directions to all four variations, I went ahead and started anyway. My Amy Butler fabric strips were all laid out and kept calling to me, so I finally caved. A few people mentioned in recent comments that Amy Butler was their “gateway drug” into a designer fabric addiction. Well, make just one wonky log cabin block, and you will find yourself with another addiction. Here is my first block:

Oh, no! They’re multiplying!

My log cabins keep fighting the wonkiness. I think they are like most of us: a little wonky and just trying to pass for normal ;).

And look what else came in the mail yesterday all the way from the Land Down Under – blocks 1 & 2 of Material Obsession’s Sue Ross Block of the Month. So, I’m a little behind, and they look a little intimidating, but I can’t wait to get started. Maybe later today or tomorrow -- I’ve already been neglecting my housework all morning, all week, all month….

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. are making me want to try the wonky cabins too!! even though I said I wasn't going to start another quilt, but they are calling to me...and SOME DAY I will become a BOM girl too! I just gotta remember, baby steps, just take baby steps!

  2. Wonky log cabins are fun. It's nice to see the contemporary fabrics in the Sue Ross bom. I did my first block yesterday.

  3. Love the wonky log cabins! I am jealous too of your Amy Butler fabrics, those are much coveted that you have used for this block! Lovelies!


  4. This is totally unrelated to quilting but my brother told me this morning that bacon is the gateway meat... Your quilt work is inspiring!

  5. your blog is looking so great Joan!! I just remembered your comment about your giveaway which I now find out I've missed!! Oh well!
    Nice to see your wonky blocks, they are always so much fun to make aren't they??!!!

  6. I just love your wonky cabins! They are beautiful! I also signed up for the Sue Ross BOM and considering that you got yours yesterday, that must mean mine is not far behind!! I am so excited to receive mine. Is yours the contemporary way? That is what I chose.

  7. oh no your doing this bom too!
    I am considering it
    these fabrics look great too!
    I LOVE your wonky log cabin blocks, and YES my DD would love these fabrics too!

  8. Love the Amy Butler fabric. She has such beautiful and inspiring designs. Can't wait to watch this progess!

  9. Hi Joan,
    I love that Amy Butler fabric too! I think she is so inspiring. Your daughter's dorm bed looks great...



  10. I think I will need to make some wonky log cabins, yours look fabulous. I'm so glad you got your blocks. They aren't to hard if you do them step by step. Have fun xo