Friday, September 11, 2009

And the winner is...

This has given me a good laugh this morning, because John ( has been very lucky lately. -- which shouldn’t actually be that amusing to me as I have NEVER won a blog giveaway. Not once! But one of these days…. Anyway, I’m happy that the lovely AMH fabrics will go to a good home. And the giveaway was SO MUCH FUN! I met some new friends, found out about some great blogs, and got a few lurkers to come out of the shadows so that I can see what lovely people they are.

Last night the family (including Molly’s boyfriend, Peter) went out to dinner at a wonderful Thai restaurant near Molly’s college. We met at her dorm room, and I really wanted to take some pictures of dorm room chic, but even though they have a suite with three rooms, it was bursting with all four roommates, several other friends, Peter, my husband, my son, and me. I did manage did take this snap of her bed, which she and her roommate have lofted so that a small chest of drawers and her shoe organizer fit underneath. It makes me very happy to think of her under the quilt every night.

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan

Oh, and p.s., how much do you LOVE this:


  1. Isn't it nice to see the quilt and pillows set up to cheer the room? The AB fabrics look fabulous in the clothing!

  2. Hi Joan, Just found your blog via the quilt along that I am doing as well. Your daughters quilt and pillows look simply beautiful. Great job!

  3. Joan the quilt looks great in the dorm room...and lucky not despair...i had not won anything until recenty and then won three giveaways in two weeks!

  4. Oh Joan your daughter's room looks so lovely because of your wonderful creativity. I love it. And yes I LOVE Amy butler's new range, when can we get a hold of some of that. This new range looks like she is getting some of her old colour back into her range, I have enjoyed her softer ranges, but her older more colourful ranges were always my favourite. xo

  5. This is lovely and soft looking. We'll have to talk trade on some fabrics.