Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A little more of the same....

Remember this little pill? The one who likes to sleep in my basket of strips?

Sammy has decided to be my constant companion when I sew. She is afraid of the vacuum cleaner and hair dryers, but whenever she hears the sewing machine, she comes running.

Tonight she was peeking at me through here…

…and trying to bat at threads and fabric as I pieced. I almost caught a picture of her paw reaching through.

And she shows no fear of rotary cutters and thinks I need help and supervision whenever I am cutting fabric. Sammy is very lucky her tail is intact and her paws have not been sewn to a quilt!

Remember the wonky log cabins? I started sashing 17 of them in white Moda Bella. I need 25 blocks all together, but I’m waiting till I receive more fabric from Etsy. I ran out of many of the fabrics in the strip sizes I needed and was making do, but my blocks were starting to take on a whole new character, so I ordered more fabric. What’s a quilter to do? Sorry for the terrible picture:

And remember my beautiful, but lonely Jennifer Paganelli fabrics in search of friends? Some help arrived by mail, but I’m looking forward to finding more and then using them in something really special. But -- for some reason the more I love a fabric or line of fabric, the harder it is to find a pattern that seems right.

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. Hi, How sweet it is that Sammy is your sewing pal. My sewing pal Puselusken used to stay on the ironing board. He is now 14 year old and not to well.... But still he's keeping me with company :O) The wonky log cabin blocks are so fun - I like the white fabrick you use as sashing...It make all the colours shine...Im looking foreward to see the finich top/quilt.

  2. Sammy is adorable!
    Love the picture of her looking thru the sewing machine.
    oh your blocks are so pretty makes me want to order some of this line of fabric too and make it as well
    can't wait to see more blocks, great pile of new fabrics!

  3. When you need more fabric, you go shopping so you did the right thing.
    Lovely having a sewing companion, someone to talk toabout quilts and then Sammy can give them the cat scan.

  4. I have helpers too! I just love it when they help, it always makes me smile. I love how the blocks are coming along. You definitely can always use more fabric!!

  5. Tee hee, Sammy looks like a GREAT helper! About that Jennifer Paganelli fabric? Sometimes it's just all about loving the fabric -- the right pattern show come along eventually! Sooooo pretty!

  6. I wish I had a Sammy....she is fearless!

    I am trying not to buy any more fabric...i have enough for two lifetimes and must get my cross tops finished would be foolhardy of me to buy more...really it would. I need a Sammy to coax me to the gets lonely without a sewing companion!

  7. I have a few Sammys around here too...they love to "help" me! But I have banned them from my room...they are too distracting for me!


  8. You've met nice to meet Sammy! I love pets when they're your best friends...true best friends...friends that don't pee or poo on the floor...bark or meow in the middle of the night...have bad breath they love to share with licks! Read about the rotary blades! What a score! I need a new one too...but I'm so cheap, I squeak. LOL

    blessings, dear

  9. Aren't cats funny, such personalities. Maybe he thinks the sewing machine is another purrs doesn't it?!!! I'm loving your wonky amy butler goodness, they are beautiful Joan, I just know I'm going to have to make up some of these. The J.P fabrics are great too, I loved the toile in that range (actually I love all of it, but the toile is my favourite!!). xo

  10. There's one of those "pills" living in our home too! Mine is especially interested when I am machine quilting! So far her tail is intact! ; )

    I LOVE your FAB Jennifer Paganelli fabrics. Yummy!!! You'll figure out what to do with them when the time is right. Meanwhile, enjoy the eye candy they truly are!!!

    Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! Such a nice and pleasant surprise. : ) I appreciate your kindness.

  11. Hi Joan! I just love cats, they are just the most peculiar animal in the most adorable, huggable way! Your blocks are very cute. . .and inspiration will hit with those beautiful JP fabrics!

  12. Oh my goodness, she is so cute! I love how she is peaking through the sewing machine. Even better, the one where she is sprawled out all over your cutting matt. What a fun sewing pal to have around!

  13. Too true! A bit like knowing what you want to wear on a special night out and not being able to find it anywhere! But very scrummy fabrics. Hope you find a pattern for it.

  14. Awww - he looks like my cat Bijoux. He looks like a very good quilting partner I must say!