Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fabrics and patterns and giveaways, oh my!

Cathy, of one of my favorite blogs, Cabbage Quilts, mentioned in an email today that she was going to stop by my blog and see what I had been up to.  Not much, I'm afraid, other than recovering from the flu, which started a week ago Sunday. I've been back at work since Monday, but today is the first day I've felt halfway human.  However, I did manage to drag myself to my conference in Bend Thursday afternoon, passing through Sisters, Oregon and making a visit to the Stitchin' Post.  There I treated myself to 13 FQs of Kaffe Fassett fabric (buy 12, get 1 free -- a quilter's dozen?) for my HST value quilt and this cool pattern of diamond shapes.

After returning home, I fell in love with this quilt on Flickr, which is also by the same company, Aardvark Quilts.

The only quilting/sewing work I've accomplished lately has been to prep my Kaffe fabric for the value quilt. I cut the fabrics into 6" squares (some were purchased on Etsy precut) and have paired one light or medium with one medium or dark fabric.  I'm looking forward to playing around with them after they are sewn, cut, and up on my makeshift design wall.

Yesterday was a great day because my Sue Ross BOM block 3 arrived from Australia, and my Amy Butler Love fabrics arrived!!!

I purchased the Love fabrics from Material Gal on Etsy.  I got a great price by preordering, and I love these fabrics more every time I look at them!  Sorry, but I just have to show you every single one:


Paradise Garden

Tumble Roses

Bliss Bouquet



Bali Gate


Cypress Paisley

Water Bouquet

So now, if you love LOVE even half as much as I do, you must immediately go to Amy's blog -- Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts -- and enter her giveaway for eight -- yes EIGHT -- fat quarters of Love. And while you're at it, also pop over to Sarah's blog, The Last Piece, for a chance to win six, yes SIX, honey buns of the Rouenneries line, along with the newly released, beautiful Down Under Quilts 2010 calendar.  Oh, and there will be six winners!  By the way, be sure to spend a little time at both of these blogs.  They are two of my favorites!!!

And speaking of favorite/inspiring blogs, I also recently received this fabric designed by Aneela of comfortstitching, which she designed herself and had  custom printed by Spoonflower.  

Aneela has also created a second Christmas fabric and another one with adorable little girls skipping rope.  It will make you smile.

Now, there's nothing left for me to do, but get back to that sewing machine!

With wishes, true and kind -- and packages tied up with string -- Joan


  1. Lots of lovely things at your place at the moment! The amy butler fabric is gorgeous...I think some needs to come & live with me!!!!
    Aneela's fabric is sweet!

  2. I can not wait to see what everyone creates with LOVE. It is really growing on me. You got yourself a lovely bunch of it! I agree Aneela's fabric is too sweet!

  3. I came to stop by your blog and there is my name, Wow!!! Hi!! I'm loving this post, firstly I have both those Aardvark quilt patterns, have made the first one, yet to make the second. The first one was a lot of fun to make, must show it on my blog sometime! And look at your gorgeous mail, double wow! What's your favourite Love? Mine is the bliss bouquet in the aqua and orange, but aren't they all so delicious? I love Aneela's fabric, what a talent that girl is. Thanks for the eye candy post! xo

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better. It looks like a lot of pretty fun at your house! I can't wait to see what you make with the Aardvark pattern. I'll keep checking back. :)

  5. I love good mail days, just the unwrapping, seeing things in person and all the potential of what you might do with it all!!!!
    I think AB's sunspots are my favourites, spots but wobbly!!
    Thanks for featuring my fabric, glad to see it is looking cosy in it's new home;)
    can't wait to see what you stitch upwith it!

  6. Wow Joan, you are in absolute fabric heavy. Even with the flu no grass is growing under your feet! I just love all the fabric you have, but the Kaffe is my absolute favorite!

  7. So glad you're feeling's always hard to get back to the grind when you've not felt well. sigh Packages tied up with string...what a wonderful post and how happy I am the mailman (or lady) left you such a fun and happy evening! I love the fabric! The bought at brick and mortar and the online store stock! Wouldn't the world be a happier place if we all saw it the way the fabrics make us feel. Can't wait to see the new BOM!

  8. These are a few of my favorite things......

    I think its going to be a long winter if we are all singing oldies and show tunes so early!!!LOL!!!
    Love the LOVE, and trying not to buy more fabric!!!!! Bummer mix.

    Love the patterns too!

    My extra fabric for Summer Breeze should be here tomorrow. Since I finished up what I have last night, I don't get any Summer Breeze today. :{
    No worries, I am pulling out the Freshcut Strip quilt to work on some more piecing!!!!



  9. Glad you're feeling somewhat better, Joan! Sorry you've been under the weather!! I think the fabric is working its magic and making you feel better!! :-) Gosh, that Love fabric isn't getting old with me -- so pretty. I don't think I've come across an Aardvark pattern that I don't like. :-)

  10. I can't wait to get my hands on some of that "Love"! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to win Amy's giveaway!

  11. I really wanted to do participate in the value quilt-along but couldn't make the time! One of these days. I have also been holding off on buying any of the new Love fabrics, but I'm not sure why. They do look gorgeous! Hope you keep feeling better.

  12. Hi Joan, what a great bunch of fabric you're showing, love especially the dot prints of Amy. Thanks for all your hints on the other interesting places, blogs providinggive aways. And you get yourself writing although not really feeling well - so I hope you do better soon.
    I'm curiously waiting for your result of the Aardvark pattern.

  13. Sorry to hear that you are under the weather....the flu is the worst. You did have a great mail day, the perfect thing to make any flu ridden girl feel better. I too, love the Love line... I even left them out so that I can glance at them while sewing. Aneela's fabric is gorgeous..I have my eye on those skipping girls. Hope you feel better very soon.

  14. Wow. All that beautiful fabric would make anyone feel better!

  15. Can't wait to see how your value quilt comes along :)