Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

It started out so well...

6" squares of a variety of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, paired light with dark.

Lines drawn, ready for sewing...

Sewn 1/4 inch to each side of line, cut apart, and pressed...

Ready for some trimming...

Nothing like the perfect tool for the job -- a 5-1/2" square ruler.

Oh, the possibilities!

Starting to lay it all out on the design wall, and looking good so far...

Initial layout completed.  It was a little harder than I thought, and I couldn't seem to get far enough away at times.  I had to keep backing up to get a good look at the design, and....

It's just okay.  I want to be in love with it, but I'm not.  I finished fairly late yesterday evening and decided to get another look at it the next day with better lighting, but I left for work while it was still dark and came home late because of an appointment -- still dark.  I have made a few changes since yesterday evening, to even out colors, etc., but I'm still waiting for inspiration. So far, I'm just not feeling it. I welcome any and all suggestions.

In happier news, I finally won a blog giveaway!  Dee's Doodles was hosting the "Almost Peed My Pants" giveaway.  Apparently her husband made her templates to make this Jennifer Paganelli quilt, and he came up with a his own little name for it.  She asked us to look at the quilt and guess what her husband named it.  And I did!  Hip, hip hooray, rah, rah, rah, and Sis Boom bah! Of course, I will show off my prize when it arrives.

And have you seen this?


(Wow!  I didn't really think I'd be able to copy that!)  Anyway, two creative quilt minds (Sarah Fielke/The Last Piece) and Amy Lobsiger (Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts) are pooling their considerable talents to run a dolly quilt program together.  Just think -- monthly quilt patterns by Amy and Sarah! Go see the samples on either blog!  You can sign up at Sew and Sell.  I will be signing up for all 12 months come payday.

Which reminds me that I do have a career other than being overly-critical of my own quilting efforts.  Remember the trip to Bend for the conference when I still sick with the flu?  You know, the trip where we went to Sisters and I bought the Kaffe Fassett fat quarters?  Well, by the time we arrived in Bend late that Thursday afternoon, I decided that I was too sick to go to the board meeting, dinner, wine reception, etc.  It was hotel and bed for me.  The two colleagues/friends that I was traveling with thought that was a great idea, took me to the hotel, bought me medicine, and made sure I got right in bed.  As I lay there all warm and comfy, I decided out loud that it would probably be a good idea for me to skip all sessions on Friday and just sleep all day, then just show up for the Saturday sessions.  To make a long story somewhat shorter, my roommates seemed to go a little crazy and kept thinking up reasons for me to go to the conference the next day, particularly the luncheon.  One of them was so aggressive about it that I think I actually snapped at her a little.  I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't just let it drop and let me stay in bed and recover.  Well, I woke up early and couldn't sleep, so I took a shower and went to the conference.  AND -- I found out why they didn't want me to miss the luncheon.  I was awarded Honors of the Association (heavy plaque and flowers) for excellence in clinical practice, leadership in the field, and contributions to the professional community.  So I have forgiven my colleagues for being so annoying.  They were surprisingly good at it.

Speaking of friends -- remember, Tobey, my colleague and "beginning" quilter who decided to make up some wonky log cabins Gee's Bend style?  Well, she informed me recently that she decided to hand quilt it (wonky style, of course).  I asked her if she knew how to hand quilt.  No -- but she just made up her own way using needle nose pliers to hold the needle (as it is easier on her hands).  She keeps thinking that I am going to be able to teach her about quilting, but I can't keep up with her!

With wishes, true and kind (and quilts that you fall in love with) -- Joan


  1. 1. I like the quilt...does it need a bit of zing? Is that what is troubling you?
    2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! On your award...how wonderful to be acknowledged in such a way by your peers!

  2. I think it is one of those quilts where the quilting will make the quilt shine,. BTW did you mean to have an errorcentral photo down the bottom the darks should be flipped to form a triangle. Congratulations on your award. Dont be too hard on yourself the has fantastic colour :-)

  3. what on earth is wrong with you joan?

    the quilt is stunning!!! lol!!!!

    thanks for telling us about dollies online...looks great but am a bit hard up with my hubby still being off sick after his breakdown

    speaking of health matters...you go girl....fantastic award for a fantastic lady. Its great to know others beside quilters appreciate you!

  4. I don't know Joan, I really love your quilt, especially that layout. I agree with Lynne that the quilting will make the quilt shine as well. I did find when I did my hstq and laid it out like that I wasn't that fussed with it until I had sewed it together and ironed it. It looked much better then. And a huge CONGRATS on getting awarded in that way, Wow! I'm so glad your friends were annoying!!! Oh and I hope we are going to get to see Tobey's quilt when she is done, needle nose pliers to help her quilt...that is a new one on me, great idea!! xo

  5. Congratulations on your award! That´s great!

    I love the fabrics and the layout of your new top! The only fabric I don´t like is the one with the white polka dots, that looks a bit "wrong" for me. But apart from that, I think it´s lovely!

  6. Joan, I really, really love your quilt! It is fantastic in all its Kaffe glory. Maybe you will like it more once it is all together and quilted. I hope so. Congrats on your award! You must have been just so thrilled and thankful that your friends were persistant

  7. Congratulations on your award. It's always nice for someone to acknowledge your hard work isn't it?

    I really like the quilt - but I agree with Steffi, the purple with the white dots reads differently to the other fabrics...my eye sees it as a "gap" . If you have a few spare dark triangles, could you lay them over the top of the dots and see if it changes the look? Otherwise I love it.

  8. First, CONGRATULATIONS on your award! That is wonderful!! I also LOVE your quilt layout but agree with Deb and Steffi about the purple dot. We love him but he may not be right for this project. I'm also wondering about the light stripe. With that said, it will be glorious! Thanks for the Dollies mention too!!

  9. Joan...I'm speechless on your quilt. Well, not totally...I love it! Oh my goodgollygracious it's gorgeous! The only thing I saw was the yellow area above the middle triangle was a lot of yellow, but overall, it's breathtaking! You getting an award and the story behind it made me cry (pms day today!) and I'm so happy for you! That's such an indicator to me that you really are as nice as I think you are!

    JP is on the way. I hope you like what I picked out.

    Blessings dear soul!

  10. I really like it.

    Couple suggestions:
    1. look at the quilt through one of those door peep holes things ... cheap at Lowes's
    2. look at the quilt through the view finder of your camera.
    3. take a black'n'white photo and look at it on your computer.

    Maybe one of these will help you.

  11. I love the quilt!!! Not like, love. It makes me smile! Congratulations on your award!!!!! That made me smile even more!!!

    Blessings (& hugs of encouragement on the quilt),

  12. I think it is a lovely quilt but if you want to make it even lovelier imho, I would rearrange the blocks with yellow in them to appear only inside the five on-point second squares...if that makes sense. So not the initial inner square but the second one that borders it. It would make the quilt glow as at the moment, if you scrunch your eyes up and look at the quilt the yellow is standing out for me.
    Just a thought!

  13. it looks great to me. I want to make one with linen in it.

  14. Congrats on your award - you must so feel proud! (too bad you were sick leading up to it) I think your quilt turned out quite fabulous. I could only strive to make something as fab as this. Don't be too hard on yourself (why are we always like that?)!

  15. Hi Joan,
    I think your quilt looks fabulous - I love all the quilts currently being made with half-square triangles. Congratulations on your award!

  16. Congrats Joan oh they are the best of friends!!!!!
    loving it!! oh and I love the half square triangles of yours!!!