Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mosaic Madness

A Little Controlled Chaos
After much consideration and playing around with seemingly endless ways of arranging color, fabric, and design, I think I am going to go with this version of my original layout (referred to as Option 3 in my last post).  I'm still moving squares around here and there and will probably add another row at the top and bottom (to make it rectangular and not cut off the points of the design), but I'm starting to feel pretty good about this quilt top.  I think I will give it to my in-laws for Christmas.

Road Trip

Bolt Neighborhood Fabric Boutique celebrated their 4th Birthday, so I cheerfully braved Friday night rush hour traffic after work with 3 colleagues for huge savings on fabric. Yes, the quilting bug is growing at work, and it's mostly due to Tobey spreading the excitement.  Tobey is finishing up the handquilting on her Gee's Bend style wonky log cabins (I promise a picture soon) and is gathering fabrics for the Three-ring Circus quilt from Material Obsession.  But I digress.

Bolt is very tiny, but well worth the effort, because the fabrics are FABULOUS.  And they are so nice!  The place was packed, but they were very patient and attentive to each customer and maintained good humor even though the line was snaking around the shop and out the door.  The fabrics were ALL on sale -- some as low as $2 - $4 a yard.  I bought 8 yards of fabric for around $35.  We all bought plenty -- especially one colleague who bought several fabrics plus about 20 yards of flannel for pajamas for Christmas. Here's my haul:

Since returning to quilting last June, I discovered Jennifer Paganelli's Sis Boom fabrics and fell in love with the Mod Girls line, especially this beauty.  Unfortunately, I never had any -- until now.  I saw this right away and grabbed it.  No one even took a second look at it as I carried it around the shop in my arms, but as soon as it was spread out to be cut, I could hear everyone behind me in line expressing their admiration.

I can't even tell you how much I adore this fabric -- the colors, the design....  So beautiful!  And I couldn't help but notice what a nice quilt top border it makes (see Material Obsession Two, pg. 183).

I also bought some of this Lecien, just because it's so pretty...

...this striped fabric to match something already in my stash, and these bird cages that Tobey thought we both just had to have.  They really are cute.

Not too shabby!

Two Giveaways
Go to True Up for a chance to win this from Kiyohara and Co.:


Also, the lovely blog, Brown Paper Packages, is celebrating 100 posts by giving away LOTS of Urban Flannel scraps -- really cute!

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. Great have been having fun! Your top looks great...really striking! Well done for working out how you liked it best. Love allyour fabrics too!

  2. So after missing your last post, I just went back and took a look at option one and two. Whew, I am so glad you are going with option three. Hands down, I like this one the best. What a wonderful Christmas present it will make. Boy and did you ever make out well at the fabric sale. Really cute stuff.

  3. I love that fabric too!!! Joan we are kindred spirits..I also love to hear great things about quilt stores It pays to be nice and kind...

  4. Wow look who just left a comment. Your top is fabulous and It's come out great after you played with the colours. What a wonderful shopping trip you had.

  5. A gorgeous quilt and wonderful fabrics!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Ohhhhh, I think you should take door #3! I really like this version, your in laws will be thrilled come Christmas morning!

  7. gorgeous fabrics, i'm so jealous!

    The design you've ended up with looks really great.

  8. Oh, how cute the bird cage fabric is! :-) I think I would have bought it too.
    And I really love this version of the quilt top. Thumbs up for this decision!

  9. This quilt is going to make a great gift for your in-laws! I have loved following along with your design process.

    I've heard to many great things about the Bolt fabric store! How lucky you could stop there after work, especially with friends. Love your fabric purchases, especially anything from Jennifer Paganelli!

  10. I have some of the Lecien in my stash too. I can't wait to see what you make with yours!!!


  11. What a beautiful quilt! It's perfect! Can't wait to see what you do with the new babies added to your home!

  12. These are great fabric finds. Love the mosaic quilt, simply stunning!

  13. i LOVE the arrangement you chose for your value quilt. Beautiful work in separating the reds and blues as well as the values. Now I want to make one! looks like you had fun shopping for all those great bargains.

  14. I'm so glad it worked in a way that you're happy with. It looks terrific. And your fabrics are great - love the bird cages.

  15. I enjoyed seeing the way your value quilt has progressed. I love setting #3, and I'm sure your in-laws will be thrilled. Those fabrics are even more beautiful in person.:)
    Nice loot from the quilt shop..i think I just drooled a little?

  16. oh WOWWWOWOWOWOW i LOVE your mosaic madness quilt. so awesome!! terrific color!! thanks for the inspiration!

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