Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeling thankful...

For the opportunity to interact with, be inspired by, and learn from 
an amazing group of local quilters:

Last night was the first official (non-meeting) event of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.  We shopped at Bolt Neighborhood Fabric Boutique and then met at Modern Domestic for the rest of the evening. The staff at each business could not have treated us better, and in between accomplishing a lot of cutting, sewing, quilting, and binding, we got to know each other as Portland Modern Quilters just a little better.

I sat in the chair in the lower right corner of the picture to bind a quilt.  Hmmmm.  What is the one thing missing from this picture?

Oh, never mind.

I got an impromptu private lesson in English paper piecing from Tania (who made these little cuties).

I discussed binding techniques with Elizabeth  (this is the quilt she was working on) 

and Jen (attaching her binding by machine before finishing it by hand).

Lots of hard work and creativity going on....

For wonderful online friends who support and encourage me:

I am still amazed by the friendliness and generosity of spirit of so many online quilters.  Just two examples from this past week include Jackie, who wrote me a congratulatory email (as so many others did soon after) to tell me that my blog had been mentioned in Quilter's Home Magazine (I am still amazed and surprised by this)

and Jennifer (whose blog is also mentioned in the above magazine), who sent me this gorgeous fabric from her new So St. Croix line.

Thank you so much, Jennifer!  I'm just thrilled with it!

For finally finishing a fairly old UFO:

My daughter picked out the shoe and handbag fabric back when she was probably in middle school (she's a junior in college now), and I call it "Molly's Closet" because of that very fabric.  It's not the prettiest quilt I've ever made, and Molly and I both agree that we would never pick out many of these fabrics today, but there is something so special about it to me.  Ever since she was in preschool, I would let Molly pick out a fat quarter or two (or three or four or...) whenever I was buying fabric.  She loved them, admired and petted them, and occasionally used them in her many art projects.  We raided some of those FQs for this quilt, so it reminds me of tiny Molly as well as preteen Molly.  

Long arm quilting by Karen Walker.

This pink block in the corner is my favorite.  It may not photograph well, but the pink fabric that reads as a solid has little flecks of silver in it.  I usually have zero tolerance for any sort of glitter, glitz, or sparkles in fabric, but little Molly loved it!  I was mentioning to some of the Portland Modern Quilters last night that when she was quite small, Molly thought that children had different names when they grew up, and she frequently played around with ideas for her grown-up name.  The one that I remember most fondly is Sparkle Rose (and, yes, I know that sounds like a stripper name, but the girl is excelling at Bible College, so I think we're okay).  At any rate, I look at that sparkling pink fabric and I think of Sparkle Rose.  I have other UFOs that I will never finish because I just don't like them at all any more (which would be fun to poll quilters about, and perhaps I will in a future post), but this one is a keeper.  I'm glad it's finished.

For the love and appreciation of my sweet family:

A husband who tried to hunt down a copy of Quilter's Home magazine for me when we were out of town and was so happy for me that I got to spend last evening sewing with other quilters.

A daughter who shared my glee at opening the package and finding the beautiful Sis Boom fabric.

A son who gave me that patented quiet grin from ear to ear when he heard that I was mentioned in the magazine.  You'd think I'd cured cancer.

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. geez, congratulations on the shouts out in teh magazine, that is very cool! and im so excited to see the quilt you made with fabrics you daughter had picked out...i do the same thing with my 4 year old. she picks out the most colorful crazy fabrics! but maybe one day...

  2. Grats! !!!! That is so exciting.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and a much deserved pat on the back for your new-found fame in print!! I've been admiring everyone's work on the Modern website & Flickr...

  4. Joan....what an honor, but not a surprise to me!!! Congrats....I'm running out to grab a copy for myself...will you sign??

    :) karen

  5. So glad that you had a wonderful weekend of fun, family, and friends. I am so honored to be included in the list of bloggy friends. So true that you are an inspiration to us all. Keep on keeping on!

  6. You all are so lucky to have Modern Domestic at your fingertips! It's been getting a lot of mention in blogland and I am envious. Congratulations on the mention in Quilter's Home--that's big news!!

  7. Joan, first of all congratulations to you on being mentioned in Quilter's Home!!!! How cool is that?!?! I just bought that magazine for my trip, but haven't had a chance to open it. Will definitely do that first thing (after turning off my computer).

    Your non-meeting event sounds like it was a blast!! What kind of store is Modern Domestic? It looks really neat.

    Love the Molly's Closet quilt and the story behind it. Too funny about the name Sparkle Rose.

    Great post!!

  8. great post joan!! always a blast when you're around!! ;)

    xo, heather

  9. Wow!! Congrats on getting your name in print. You really do have a wonderful blog. And what alot of talent you have in your modern quilting guild. I wish I lived in Portland right now.
    Sounds like life and quilting are going well - you deserve it.

  10. Congrats, Joan!! I haven't seen that issue yet. But I'm so honored to "know" you (love blogland....).

  11. congrats on being in quilters home, sew exciting!!

    it was a blast being able to go the sewing night even though i'm not a portlander. :) though, i should have spent more time socializing. was so busy trying to get my blocks done. i've realized i'm a bit of a slow poke!! eek!!

  12. Congratulations on being featured in the magazine!! And it was fun to share your get together - lovely store, pretty quilts and a great bunch of quilters, a great way to spend an evening!

  13. Wow Joan, so much quilting goodness is happening to you! Sounds like a fun group of women to meet up with and congratulations on your blog making to such a well known magazine!
    Had to laugh at your daughter's 'grown up' name and the path she is now on:)

  14. Joan I'm still in shock this is a big deal for both of us..How cool is this..I'm off to find my copy!!!xoxoxo Jennifer

  15. WOW, Joan!!! SEW cool!!! B-I-G, HUGE, GiAnT congrats!!! ; )

    And, that sewing space is an inspiration!!!

    Have FUN!!!

  16. Wow, Joan, congratulations on your magazine appearance! That is SO exciting. I have to go to the book store today to find that issue. To top it off, you get some fabulous fabrics from Jennifer, the most generous designer out there. What a wonderful evening with the guild too. Looks like you guys were so productive, which is a well-spent evening together.

  17. Yay!!! Now the world will know what we have known for awhile now!! Congratulations! Apparently I need to go buy a Quilter's Home.. And you know how I feel about Jennifer Paganelli!!! I nearly swooned when she left a comment on a flickr quilt block of mine, but to have her send you fabric!! Wowsers!! Enjoy that floaty feeling!!

    More blessings to you,


  18. congratulations Joan! And isn't it nice when the family's so proud?? You go girl!!

  19. What a rich and wonderful post! Congrats, Joan!!

  20. Oh, Joan, congratulations! It's a beautiful post; thank you so much for sharing :)

  21. WOWZA! congrats on the feature.

    I love love love the new quilt your working on.

    I thought the modern domestic was a great get together as well. Such a calming creative space. I am looking forward to our next visit.

  22. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time at your guild sew. Modern Domestic seems like such an awesome place to hang and sew.

    Congrats on you mention, that is AWESOME!! You deserve it, your blog has definatly become a staple in my day.

    Lastly, but mostly....I just LOVED the story behind your closet quilt!!! I let my little Izzy pick out a fat quarter every time we go to the fabric store also....and it touched my heart to hear how that small little detail became such a momentous emotional connection now that your daughter is grown. It is absolutely a quilt to treasure.

  23. It's nice seeing the faces of so many local crafters. I need to get myself to the store and grab a copy of the magazine. MD looks like such a nice shop, I need to get on over there and pick up some new feet for the Bernina.

  24. This couldn't have happened to a nicer, kinder, funnier, sweeter person! What an awesome validation of all that you're doing as something spectacular! (which we already knew!)

    The quilt is beautiful and don't I wish I lived closer. Then we wouldn't just be on each other's blogs at the same time, we could sew and chat in person at the guild! How fun would that be!

    Congratulations and what yummy, yummy fabric! Woo Hoo for you!

  25. What a beautiful post Joan, I'm thrilled you got mentioned in that mag (tho not surprised I love your blog), and your night with the guild looked fabulous. Congrats on finishing your old ufo, always a great feeling and it looks wonderful xo

  26. Congrats on your magazine mention! And that looks like the best place to meet for your guild - what fun!

    I'm going to run a little demo and activity at our next mod guild meeting.

  27. Joan, I noticed your name in the magazine a few days ago when I was thumbing thru it at Borders! I almost shreeked outloud for you!

  28. Wow! Congrats! It sounds like you have had a wonderful few days.

    Jennifer :)

  29. Hi Joan!

    How funny! I JUST got back from my lunch hour, and I went to Barnes & Noble over lunch to check this magazine out. I was so happy to see your blog listed and I was going to come congratulate you ... and I stumbled upon your post. So ... CONGRATULATIONS!! Great recognition and you must feel fabulous about it. Wish I could've been at that Portland guild meeting! Can't wait to visit Portland for the first time this summer ...

    Have a great day!

  30. congratulations...and well deserved! can you remember when you started and were trying to upload photos? lol!!!

    look at you now... i am so proud of you...and so might your son look at you like that bring light and laughter and companionship into many quilters lives....we do not all have quilting guilds etc so you are really filling a niche for my type of quilter

    way to go joan...your blog reflects your peronality....and its a great one!

  31. Joan, you are so sweet! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I was standing over your shoulder when you were explaining about the sparkly fabric, what a treasure you have now! I am so excited about our new group, what a great bunch of people we have, it really is fabulous!

  32. Congratulations Joan! You deserve it :)

  33. Awesome Awesome Awesome! So glad you having loads of fun!

  34. Great post! Congratulations on being mentioned in Quilter's Home, how exciting! It looks like you have been having fun being busy!

  35. oh congratulations Joan! your quilting definitely deserves honorable-mention in my book!

  36. I'm so happy to have found your blog! Congratulations on being mentioned in Quilter's Home.

  37. Congratulations Joan! How very exciting! and what a lovely report of your sewing evening, wish I was there! and Sparkle Rose... what sweet memories!

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