Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mail Call!

This week I received three of the most fabulous packages ever!  

Package #1 -- fabric!  Not just that, but rare Amy Butler prints!  Half yard cuts of these three:

And 90 charm squares!  

Two of each of these prints:

Be still, my heart!

Package #2 from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works (blog & shop):

I swear I heard a choir singing when I opened this up and saw all the lovely colors!

Package # 3 -- Nittany Block Party fabrics from Carla

Nicey Jane strings and squares for wonky log cabin blocks.  

Now, why did I volunteer to work all day on Saturday?  There is fabric to be played with!
I think I'll go try to match Kona solids to fabrics in my stash -- just for fun!

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. Wow! That is some seriously fabulous mail! Looks like fun.

  2. lovely fabric mail. The best kind!

  3. Oh You LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY girl, YOU!
    I heard the choir all the way here!
    have sooooo much fun and Enjoy!

  4. Well aren't you the lucky girl! Where did you manage to get those rare Amy Butler prints? New to my eyes!

  5. VERY beautiful fabrics! Have fun with them!

  6. Those fabrics look amazing! Mucho envy coming from over here!

    "I think I'll go try to match Kona solids to fabrics in my stash -- just for fun!"

    You know, the great majority of people would find that prospect one of the most boring things in the world... but i agree with you, it sounds fun!!

  7. Wonderment and b-l-i-s-s!!! LOVE those oop Amy Butler FAB fabrics!!! Hope you can squeeze in some time to fondle, match, stitch and play with your loot! Have FUN. : )

  8. what a wonderful mail day! I would have singing and jumping up and down with joy. I made pillowcases from that first Amy Butler fabric, and a scrap piece of that third fabric - love love love that pink one. You will just love your color chart - it's handy and just fun to stare at. I still haven't ordered any Nicey Jane fabric, but now I'm inspired by the colors you got. Have fun!

  9. Ethel, call in sick! Now! Go home and play in the fabric that is just making me Hulkishly green with envy! Can I come play too? Puhleeze?


  10. So much good stuff. I completely agree with wanting to play with it right away - that's when the fabric tells you what it wants to become - not so much when it's been sitting on the shelf for months. I just got a huge stack of kona cotton fat quarters from pink chalk fabrics and it's all washed and folded - now all i have to do is find time to sew! have a wonderful weekend!

  11. It was fabulous just scrolling down and looking at what you received in the mail. So big question: where oh WHERE did you get the AB fabrics?

    I occasionally hear music from my sewing room--it probably has something to do with the Kona cotton color card I have in there. :)

    Fabric therapy....nothing better.