Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fabric, Fun, and the Fourth

On Friday I got to meet up with Terri (Sew Fantastic) and Heather (a la mode fabric) for shopping at Fabric Depot and then lunch.  We met at FD, and I was the first to arrive.  The first thing I did was check to see if they had any more hexagon papers in, and they finally did -- but not in the size I was looking for.  So, I went straight to the Amy Butler fabric section to get over my disappointment.  It occurred to me that I would be teased for looking at Amy Butler fabrics because of my well-known love for them, but they caught me before I had a chance to move to another section, and there was no hiding the bolts already in my cart!  Oh, well.  Heather can be blamed for encouraging my addiction as she brought me some AB fabric and Terri fed my hexie addiction by bringing me a packet of the 1" size I have been craving! 

Thank you so much, Heather and Terri!

They don't know it yet, but I stopped at Cool Cottons on my way home.  I again blame Heather, because she mentioned the store in passing at lunch, and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  And I had to drive right by downtown anyway....
I hadn't been to Cool Cottons in such a long time!

I fell in love with this fabric by Valori Wells (from the Nest line).

And they had Spa, which I had just discovered online the day before!

So once again I bought a bunch of new fabrics that coordinate without actually meaning to!  Even Heather's fabric coordinates here.  So now, of course, these will end up being the start of another project.  I'm so glad that when the Nest fabric was laid out for cutting I suddenly doubled the amount I wanted (have you ever done that?), because Molly has been asking for a bag made out of fabric with birds.

In spare moments at home I've been practicing different hexie techniques.

I noticed that Chris (Izzy Inspired) stitches hers together with virtually no stitches visible, so I have been emailing with her about technique.  She is so sweet and helpful.  I have been using her technique, which she posted about here.  Heather reported at lunch that she does hers the same way and showed me her beautiful work.  Here are my first few attempts:

 Of course, Heather pointed out a more efficient way of sewing them together than in a straight line.  I think I would have figured it out eventually (at least I hope so), but I was so excited to get stitching, I just grabbed them and started sewing without much planning!  I'll have plenty of time to practice my technique because I have a lot of hexies to sew!

The next day we started a whole new adventure:
In the staging area.

Very exciting (and a little scary)! The parade was a lot of fun and went by so quickly.
Then we packed up some food and in the in-laws and headed to Seaside.

Lewis and Clark statue and flag at the turnaround on the Prom at dusk.

Sunset last night.  It won't be nearly this quiet on the beach tonight!

With wishes, true and kind, for a fabulous Fourth -- Joan


  1. I finally decided to join the hexie craze and ordered some 1" hexagon paper pieces online the other day. It is killing me waiting for them to arrive so I can get started. Thanks for your post about hexies to help tide me over. And I love all your new fabric. So pretty!

  2. I love the new fabrics! They're so fresh looking.

  3. Lovely fabric. Good luck Steve!! Very exciting.

  4. That is beautiful fabric :)

  5. Great fabric! I've just started on the hexie craze and now I'm wondering what the more efficient way to sew them together is? I've only made a few dozen and haven't sewn them together yet but I want to do it right! Would love to know!

  6. That Valorie wells fabric is the same one I made a bag out of for my Mom, it's gorgeous! Next time you pop into Cool Cottons, you'll have to let me know, I live just a few short blocks away, I could run over and buy something with you! Always looking for an excuse to buy fabric!!

  7. Hi Joan, I'll be rooting for your husband, even if I can't vote in Oregon! I have purchased some hex papers in 1.5 inch size to try my hand at this while on vacation in a few weeks. I'll definitely check out the blog you referred to about sewing them together. Love your new fabrics. I visited Fabric Depot when we were in Portland last summer. Wow! It would be fun to shop with you!!

  8. oh boy good luck on your new adventure!!!
    oh love that new fabric very pretty
    yes I am going to have to start a hexagon quilt soon
    love the way they look, I am thinking totally scrappy !!!

  9. What a lovely read your post was. I love how all your fabrics look together too. Go Steve!

  10. Speaking of Spa... did you see the free pattern for it over at the Windham web site? It's by the Blue Underground Studios girls and it's wonderful! I picked some other fabrics for it yesterday. Not that anyone needs a new project.... ;-) Best of luck with the election!

  11. I have some Nest but only fat quarters. Wish I had gotten bigger pieces of the birds--so great.

    Hillsboro/Steve. WooHoo. Special place in my heart for Hillsboro as my son and daughter-in-law lived there for five years.

    Can you share Heather's hints for sewing hexies together?

  12. Ah, Cool Cottons... my happy place. I am working on a pillow cover of 2" Good Folks hexagons! They look so huge after making hundreds of one-inchers. What is your more efficient technique for joining hexagons? I'm doing the straight line method and it's kind of awkward to sew one row to another!

  13. Hi Joan...looks like you have had some lovely days! Great fabric...would make a beautiful bag. How exciting for your husband...good luck! Now onto hexagons...I have them happening here too....what is the more efficient way to join???? I have been doing 1 1/4" ones in scraps, but bought these amazing 1/4" ones at the craft show recently. I bought a great hexagon bag pattern from nice! I have been gluebasting to my papers & it is working well...saves lots of time too. have fun with yours...I will follow your links!

  14. What a wonderfully fun day shopping with blogger/sewing friends. Love your fabric acquisitions too. One of these days, I hope to start making hexagons because I really need an on-the-go sewing project for summer.

  15. What a fun day! I'm jealous of all the great fabric stores you have!

    Jennifer :)

  16. looks like soo much fun! you ladies call me next time will ya ;-)

  17. your blog is now one of my favorites! Everything is simply beautiful!

  18. Your blog is full of fabulous fabric fun! thanks for the tip about hexagons. Ive been wondering about how to hide my stitches.