Friday, July 16, 2010

Good times, great friends

Yesterday started out a little crazy, and it just kept getting crazier.  
I got to work with great colleagues, then got to go out and play with great friends. 
 I have given away six charm square packs cut from my stash since May, and last night I was given fabric to more than make up for that!  

Terri, Mo, Violet, Tracie, and I
had a wonderful time at dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory before the PMQG meeting.

Terri, Mo, Violet, and Tracie
Jona, Heather, and Terri
Monica and Tammy

Good food, quilting and fabric talk, and lots and lots of laughing!

And I got to go home with these lovelies:

Summer in the City,


City Girl, 

and these gorgeous red and white (Saffron Craig) hexies -- all from Terri!
They are too precious to even take out of the little bag yet.

We then carpooled to the PMQG July meeting, All About Hexagons.
You can read all about the meeting and the giveaway I won here.
And if that gets you excited to make some hexagons of your own, you could start by stopping by Britt's blog.  She's having a hexie giveaway to celebrate her 100th post!  

At the meeting, Violet fed my Amy Butler addiction with these.

After the meeting, Violet drove me back to OSF to pick up my car.  Remember last month when Violet and I talked on the sidewalk after the meeting until just before 11:00?  Well this time we talked in the abandoned OSF parking lot until just before midnight. 

Oops!  I left a quilt and my many fabric treasures in the trunk of Violet's car!  

So, off I went to Violet's house this morning to pick up my things and ogle her stash.  We have very similar taste in fabric, and I was almost speechless in my awe of all her beautiful bolts and stacks of fabric!  Almost.  We still managed to talk a while longer, but I'm not saying how long.
Oh, and she gave me even more fabric!

Be sure and watch for Violet's very own fabric line coming in early 2011 from Michael Miller!  
I can't wait!!!

With wishes, true and kind for good times with great friends -- Joan

Note:  Blogger has had some issues with comments lately, and several people have emailed me that they have been unable to leave comments, but then others have been able to comment.  I submitted a "report," thanks to information from Rossie, so I hope the problem will be fixed soon.  


  1. YOU are such a dollface and never let anyone else tell you different!! i'm sooOOooo glad to met such fabulous friends in P-Town... let's keep the party rollin!! ;)

  2. Too much fun!! Those are the best kind of days. Food, friends, fabric and fun! The four Fs

  3. Oh man now I'm wishing I'd ditched work and gone to the pmqg mtg ~ sounds like you had a blast. What an amazing bunch of ladies

  4. Looks like tons of fun! (I love how people in the pictures are taking pictures - bloggers!) The hex meeting was great - super inspiring, what a talented group! Can't wait to see what you create out of these lovely fabrics...

  5. So much fun in good company! Love those fabric additions to you stash!
    I just wanted to say that my comments to your e-mail address gets returned, so I am not able to answer your nice comments on my blog
    ; (

  6. It was SO GREAT to get to meet you in person and spend some time with such a fun group together!! I'm so glad you were there (and I obviously need to get on this hexy bandwagaon!).

  7. So when I make it up to Portland, can you plan another evening at OSF so I can meet you all??!

  8. What a great time!!! I'm so glad we got to meet, and you're just so much fun, Joan!! I can't wait to do it again!!

  9. PS... I wish you'd get on twitter! :o)

  10. What a great bunch of friends! I always wondered how fabric seems to breed, now I know. Perhaps I should arrange something with my pals.

  11. just read about your meeting and it sounds like we all need to create our own blogger's cul de sac!

    congratulations on winning and all of these pictures make me sigh with longing! too many fabrics, not enough time for quilting or chatting with friends!

  12. What a fun time you all had!! :o)

  13. This sounds like such a wonderful day! How lucky to have such great friends living close enough that you can get together.

  14. How fun! You are super lucky to be surrounded by such a crafty group of friends. I love all the goodies you got to take home too...

    Jennifer :)

  15. How fun Joan! You have a lot of talented quilters that live in your area!

  16. OMG I love all these girls Monica Tammy Jona You what a treat to see you all together!!!