Friday, August 20, 2010

Refusing to say "Goodbye"

I don't usually say "Goodbye" to people.  
Not when it's for real; you know -- leaving a job, moving, etc.
I usually say something like, "See ya later," in anticipation of visiting with them again (sooner or later).
So last night Terri/Sew Fantastic said "Goodbye" to her Portland peeps and tweeps before her move to Bakersfield.  
I don't know if you noticed, Terri; but I never did say "Goodbye."  
I just couldn't do it.  
And I'll definitely "see ya later" -- one way or another.  
Count on it! 
And, in the meantime, I'll just stalk you online :)

I have to admit that I agonized over a little "see ya later" gift for Terri. 
Terri, however, had no such problem.  She knew just what to make for each and every one of us.  
Seldom have I seen such thoughtful and personal gifts.

Terri made these great little totes for each of us, with fabrics specially chosen for the recipient (e.g., FMF, red and aqua, Orla Kiely, Mo Bedell's Party Dress, Ann Kelle's Remix, etc.).  I guess it should come as no surprise that she chose Amy Butler for me.
Each bag was also personalized with the recipient's name (see the tag?).

Believe it or not, the bags were not empty!  Terri also made these fabric covered organizers!
I love it so much -- and in one of my all time favorite AMH Good Folks fabrics, too!

I have always drooled over Terri's Mod Podge coasters, and she even included a set of those!


She also gave me this pretty AB bag pattern.  So cute!

I can't believe I didn't take pictures of everyone's bags and gifts!  
It's one thing to be so generous, but the thoughtfulness behind each and every gift was absolutely incredible and takes a very special person.

Thank you, Terri, so very much!

I was also thrilled to receive this bundle of holiday adorableness from Monica/Happy Zombie.
I see a Christmas project in my future!

After our wonderful happy hour and dinner at Paragon in the Pearl, we walked over to the Pacific Northwest College of Art for this month's Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  I posted a recap of the meeting with lots of pictures on the PMQG blog, so I'll only post a few here.

Prepping for the meeting included basting hexies for a swap and making practice pads for free motion quilting.

Apparently for me, "third time's a charm" is true.  It worked for my gathered clutches, and it worked for my new method of basting hexies with stitches on the back only.

By George, I think she's got it!

So, I took a little break from all the AMH hexies and decided that Sis Boom fabrics would make wonderful hexies.
I think I was right.

The theme of the evening was free motion quilting.
Christina gave a wonderful power point presentation

and then demonstrated on her machine while we watched the projected image above.
What would we do without the fabulous tech support from PNCA?
Be sure to go to the PMQG blog for this month's eye candy.

I received these pretty little hexies in the hexie swap.

Can you guess what this is?

Fabric sample gorgeousness donated by Free Spirit!

A group of us continued the fun after the meeting.  
It was pretty dark, so unfortunately I didn't get many good pictures.
It was also a little cold.  Fortunately, quilters always seem to be prepared.

Violet rocking her new haircut and keeping warm under Heather's Swiss Army quilt.

Irene and Elizabeth under Elizabeth's most recent quilt.

Thanks for all the compliments/congratulations after I "bragged" about a little recognition I recently received.  I realized later that I had forgotten to include having my Pillow Talk swap pillow shown on Sew Picture Perfect.

And since then they've also shown my Scrapbuster block (designed by Little Miss Shabby) that I'm using for two separate bees.

I'm leaving later this afternoon for a church women's retreat, so I'll see ya later.

And Terri, I'll see you later, too! You truly are sew fantastic!

With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. that was soooOOooo much fun joan!!! can't wait for next month!! ;)

  2. Ahh I just teared up a little, you are a wonderful friend joan, I an so glad that I had the chance to get to know you. You are right I will see you again soon, I plan on visiting often.

    Thank you for everything, the talks, the gifts the true friendship that you have brought into my life. I to will be stalking!!

  3. What a fabulous evening! Those gifts Terri provided were amazing - very thoughtful and unique. How wonderful to have these treasures to remember your friendships. I really hope you get to see your friend again!

  4. That was soooo much fun. I am sorry I had to jet out but my Dad was happy to see me. I hadn't seen your clutch she made- those clutches look great in every single fabric she does them in! Those gifts were beyond thoughtful- I have been playing with mine all morning. We should do this again before next months meeting. It always goes too fast. And I hardly got to catch up with you at all!

  5. Wow Joan what a gorgeous post! It is hard when friends move away, what beautiful, thoughtful gifts Terri made. Your hexies look gorgeous, actually everything you post looks fabulous! Have an awesome womens retreat xo

  6. Although it's normally me moving away, but it doesn't make it any easier. So yes, I completely understand that you have trouble saying good bye. You girls seems to have so much fun together, I wish I lived in your neck of the woods ;).

  7. Drool...if you keep showing such gorgeousness, I am going to short out my keyboard!!



  8. Great post...sad seeing a friend move on...gorgeous gifts...great seeing what you do at the Guild. Love the Christmas fabric...I am doing a festive quilt this weekend!

  9. Wow, you guys had a great time - and what an amazing stack of gifts! It must be hard to have a good friend move away, I'm sure she'll be back to visit! I had fun at the meeting, great presentation, I learned alot.

  10. i'm catching up, but that is just a lovely 'remember me' present. the organiser rocks! (must get one, thanks for the link)

  11. Oh I wondered who got the hexi's I made... glad you liked them! =)
    Love the scrap buster block too... that'll make a great quilt.