Monday, May 24, 2010

On a scale of 1 to 10...

  • How beautiful is this Tula Pink Tail Feathers fabric from her Plume line?
Although I had already fallen in love with Plume, I had never really gotten a good look at this particular fabric.  I noticed it on Lisa's blog (vintage modern quilts), asked her about it, and she offered to send me a fat quarter!  How nice is that?!?! We came up with a little swap.  My package arrived today, but hers is still in the mail.  Hope it gets to you soon, Lisa!  Thanks for the great swap!
  • How awesome is it that I won this Plume jelly roll from Tula Pink?

For lots of Plume inspiration look here and here.  You won't be sorry!

  • How weird is it that while I was giving away 42 Amy Butler Charm squares, I bought 60 more on Ebay?
I think $4.25 was a steal!  I laughed when I opened the package and saw how disorganized they were.  Do you think if I had paid $14.25 instead of $4.25 the Ebay seller would have stacked them more neatly?    

  • How sad is it that I lost my camera with all the pictures of the last Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting on it?  It wasn't the fanciest or most expensive camera in the world, but I saved up for it, watched for sales, and even used a coupon!  Losing my camera made starting the PMQG blog that much more difficult, but it is finally up and will be a work in progress for awhile.  Come visit us here: to read about our charm swap, pot holder swap, and show and tells.

  • How fun will June be?  I am declaring it the Charming Month of June.  What does that mean?  Wait and see.
With wishes, true and kind -- Joan


  1. That is a charming idea. I am planning to make a baby quilt or two or a bed size quilt made out of charms.

  2. Lovely selection of charm squares, what a nice idea for a swap! Have fun using them
    ; )

  3. match your sweet personality....!!!!! Great squares...that plume is delicious...sad you lost your camera...I hate when I lose things. I once didn't lose my camera, but forgot to put a film in it...a lot of "pics" were taken before I realised!

  4. That Plume fabric is a 10! I need to get some. Thanks for that. ;-) Sorry you lost your camera. :-((( I'm intrigued by your teaser for June -- something to look forward to!! Wheee!!!

  5. Ah...The Plume print gets a 10! And I am hopping there are more Amy Butler Charm packs to be had!!!! Great find!! (And no, it's not weird, because you will turn them into a beautiful quilt!)

    Sorry to hear about you camera.



  6. Those plume prints are definitely a 10 - so gorgeous! I love the colors and all the little details in that collection. Congrats on winning that jello roll, lucky you.

  7. wow...haven't you just had a stroke of luck lately?! Loving the Plume and your charm squares for the swap!!! Maybe someday, I will make the trek to Portland for a meeting...that would be such fun to say the least : )

  8. Wow! You've been lucky lately!! I love charm squares; there are so many things you can do with them... hexagons, disappearing 9 patch quilts, stacked coin quilts...

    Jennifer :)

  9. that's so terrible about your camera....I keep thinking that it's under your car seat.

  10. I'm on pins and needles awaiting June, my friend! I'm so sorry that you lost your camera, but happy for your good fortune with the Plume fabrics. Have fun with them!

  11. Beautiful fabric! The PMQG blog is looking good. Sorry about your camera.

  12. That plume fabric is definitely a 10! I'm going to keep an eye out for that one.

    About the eBay squares,I don't think the seller knows that you are supposed to stack the squares neatly in some form of color gradation playfulness, and pet them, nicey nicey, before mailing. If you don't "get it," you still won't get it at twice the price.
    I bet you fixed the situation right away.

    Yikes, sorry about the camera. Any chance homeowners insurance would help?

  13. I love Tula Pink's Plume also! I have a layer cake of it waiting for the perfect project.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with your jelly roll.

  14. That Plume print is gorgeous! The whole line has escaped my notice. Must remedy that!
    So sorry to hear about your camera. :-(

  15. Lovely! That Plume fabric is just lovely! : )

    Sorry about your camera. Bummer. : /

  16. ooh, very pretty fabric! fantastic you won some, lovely to swap some and so funny to buy more amy butler after you've given some away!

  17. I guess you could look at loosing your camera as an exciting thing too Joan! Now you get to research and look for a new one, and you know how quickly electronics are changing and improving. I hope you find a better one than you had before, for less money! :)

  18. I love that particular Plume fabric too. In fact I used it to back my runner for Project Plume. The other day I went over to where it was on the buffet in my dining room and flipped it over to the back so I can enjoy that beautiful print! I know you'll love using yours in something wonderful.

    Such a bummer on your camera! Can't wait to go check out the PMQG blog.